With everything happening in the world right now, I want to remind you that:

You create your own reality.

The outside world does not dictate your life – you do.

I understand that it may look scary out there – crazy weather, failing banks, inflation, fluctuating stock markets, insane housing markets, politics, well – no need to say more!

I’m also here to remind you:

You are a powerful creator.

When you take radical responsibility for your life, your thoughts, your beliefs, your words and your actions – you will create a life that exceeds your wildest expectations. 
And it has nothing to do with what’s happening all around you – it has everything to do with what is happening inside of you.

One of your roles as the powerful creator of your life is to remove any limiting belief that tells you that you cannot have the life you desire. The most important thing I can tell you as a mindset coach is this:  The ultimate prerequisite to achieve what you desire is believing with complete conviction that you can achieve it. If you don’t truly believe, you will be defeated before you start. Your outlook on life has a huge influence on your outcome.

Let’s look at how to upgrade your belief system. Some advice from a mindset coach.

Upgrading your belief system requires a conscious effort to shift your perspective and adopt a more empowering mindset. The beliefs you hold shape your reality, influencing how you perceive challenges, opportunities, and your own capabilities. Often, we are held back by outdated or self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. By examining and questioning these beliefs, you can begin to replace them with ones that support your growth and goals. Here, we will explore practical steps you can take to cultivate a belief system that aligns with the life you aspire to create.

First, closely monitor your mind for any limiting beliefs or negative stories and thought patterns that try to prevent you from pursuing your desire or that tell you that you can’t have it or achieve it.

For example, consider the limiting belief “I’m not good enough.” This pervasive thought can stem from past experiences, societal pressures, or personal fears, creating a significant barrier to pursuing goals. It convinces you that regardless of how much effort you put in, you’ll never reach the standards you’ve set for yourself or those you perceive others expect. This self-imposed narrative not only stifles your potential but also prevents you from even taking the first step towards achieving your aspirations.

Second, when a limiting belief shows up, examine it and ask yourself: Is it really true? The answer is always NO! How do you know that it is untrue? Because anything that tries to put limitations on you to keep you from creating what’s important to you is a lie. You are a powerful, resourceful human being and anything that tells you otherwise is simply not true.

Third, look at the limitation and ask yourself: Where did this belief come from? Old stories or conditioning? Someone else’s rules or warnings? Can you find its source and see that it is not your truth?

For instance, a common source of the limiting belief “I’m not successful enough” might stem from comparing oneself to peers or societal standards. This comparison often occurs on social media platforms, where everyone’s life seems picture-perfect and highly successful. This uninterrupted exposure to curated highlights can distort reality, making you feel that you are falling behind or not achieving as much as others. Such comparisons are unfair and unrealistic, as they do not account for the behind-the-scenes struggles and efforts everyone faces. Recognizing this can help dismantle the belief and align your self-perception with your true accomplishments and progress.

Fourth, choose to release the limitation and replace it with an empowered belief that comes from your truth. A belief that knows and assures you that you have exactly what it takes to achieve your desire; you are resourceful; you are worthy of it and it’s yours to create.

Fifth, make it a daily practice to dismantle limiting beliefs, build better beliefs and tell better stories, all aligned with your truth. Create mantras and affirmations that align with your truth so you can believe them and feel your way into them. Think healthy, empowered thoughts and play them on repeat to empower your mind and build a supportive mindset.

Sixth, only speak in the positive and use empowering words. Your words create your reality.  You will ALWAYS live into the words you use because they create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your mind will never make a liar out of you – if you say something is going to be “hard,” your mind shows you the way to deliver on the promise that it will be hard. Ouch!

As a mindset coach, I have seen time and time again how people’s beliefs and words shape their reality. It’s truly incredible just how much influence our inner world has on our outer experiences. This is why it’s so important to constantly monitor and upgrade our mindset, beliefs, and words. It’s a continuous process, but the benefits are immeasurable.

Pay attention to this in your own life and see how your words are creating your reality. Then, your action plan is to use more supportive words that line up with how you want to experience life.

Drop the words “can’t,” “won’t work,” “impossible,” and “I don’t “know how” from your vocabulary.

Declare you “CAN,” “It will work,” “It’s totally possible” and “I do know the way!”

If you need a refresher on the power of your words, check out this blog post: The Power of Your Words – Is it Time for an Upgrade?

You are the only person who is responsible for creating your life.

Remember, it’s not the external circumstances that matter – it’s how you navigate your inner world that will create your desired outer world.  Make it your top priority to cultivate a mindset, belief system and vocabulary that fully support you in every way, every day. If you need help along the way consider working with a mindset coach, also known as a personal development coach or an empowerment coach, in order to achieve your goals. They can provide guidance, support, a coaching process and tools to help you create the life you desire. The power is within you – go forth and create your reality!

And I have a gift just for you to help you with this process…

Life Desire Workbook w a Joan Jakel Collage cover for mindset coaching

The Life Desire Workbook has been my passion project.  It’s the real deal!  It contains 84 beautifully designed pages filled with coaching, worksheets, resources, journal prompts and a 30 day Planner to help you declare, create & achieve your desire. I use this workbook as one powerful tool in my work with clients.

It gives you the place to explore what it takes and who you have to become to accomplish the desire that calls out to you. You also learn how to eliminate negative beliefs and create an empowered mindset to achieve what you desire in life by taking inspired action.

After you’ve outlined the steps, there are 30 days of journal prompts and daily planner pages specifically designed to support your journey to achieve your desired results.

Here are 4 sample pages from the Life Desire Journal:

4 sample pages from the Life Desire Workbook by mindset coach Joan Jakel

This Journal is my gift to you!  Thank you for being part of my community.  I’m here to support you to go after what you want in life and achieve it! Please reach out if you need any more guidance from me as a mindset coach, or as a friend who is always on your side.

Simply click HERE and you can access your copy of The Life Desire Workbook.  Enjoy!!




Joan Jakel

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