There is only one you. How many times have you heard that statement? I venture to guess that’s not a new statement for you. However, have you given yourself the gift of taking the time to let it settle and determine what that statement actually means for you?

There is only one you.

a part of a collage that has lettering stating "You are sacred" in medium brown tones with a strip of a book and paisley type design

No one else has the unique skills, talents, gifts, thoughts, beliefs, values, looks, abilities (and the list goes on) that YOU have.  Yet how often do we compare ourselves to others?  There’s no one like us, yet we look outside of ourselves for validation – to judge our choices, our worth, our value, …. You were not put on this earth to be a cheap imitation of someone else.  You were put here to shine your own light and let the world see the sacred soul that you are.  There is something that you are here to do that no one else can do – what an honor!!  So, what is it?  What makes your soul sing? What drives you? Where are you passionate about?  What would you do all day if you could?  Are you putting those gifts into action?  If not, why not?  Be honest with yourself.

this is part of a collage showing a silouette of a women w a necklace that places a silver heart over her chest painted in rose hues and tones

You have an opportunity that no one else has – to step into your unique ability and own it.  You don’t have to do it for anyone but yourself for the sole reason that you matter; you are sacred; and you deserve it.  Or, you could choose to share boldly with the world and live by example.  You get to decide.  What will you do?

side view of a collage with the phrase "You are Sacred" with a silhouette of a lady on the left painted in rose and warm brown tones