Let’s talk about goals! (Spoiler alert – the best part is at the end so don’t skip the ending!)

For starters, let’s look at some goal stats:

People who write down their goals are 20% more successful
in accomplishing them than those who either don’t write them down or just think about them.  There is power in making the goal tangible by the physical act of writing it or typing it.

Speaking of success, accountability is another key.  People who set goals and report their progress to accountability partners or supportive peers achieve 40% more than those who did not have a support system.  Which is one of the reasons I LOVE mastermind groups!

Several years ago I was in a mastermind facilitated by brilliant financial coach to female business owners – Debbie Page. She was a passionate believer in the power of setting goals. She drilled into us the benefits of not just setting goals to move the needle in our lives and business, but regularly returning to review and check in with them: every day, every week, every month, every quarter and every year.

So, we:

  • created goals,
  • took focused daily action on them,
  • reviewed them at the end of the week,
  • determined what worked and what didn’t work,
  • made adjustments, and
  • reset for the next week.


With a goal setting process like this, we were guaranteed that we were going to accomplish what we defined as important in our lives.

However, we didn’t set just any goals.

We created SMART Goals.

What are SMART goals? I’m glad you asked!  They are:

Specific –  Make sure your goals are clear, well-defined and unambiguous so you know what will be accomplished.

Measurable – Define the specific criteria you will use to measure your progress and know when the goal is complete.

Achievable – While you want to stretch yourself in setting goals, it’s equally important that you know you can actually accomplish the goal or it will be pointless to pursue.

Relevant – Make sure your goal is relevant to your bigger vision – know what you are working towards.  Ask yourself:  why is the result important?

Timely – Put a deadline on the goal and set milestones if it’s a long-term goal to ensure you’re moving it forward to completion.

Now, we bring in the fun part.

Let’s take those SMART goals to the next level and energize them.

Start by asking yourself: What are the qualities, behaviors, practices, habits, etc., of the person who has already achieved these goals?

Then, step into those characteristics and start behaving as the person who has already achieved your goals.  I mean, OWN IT.

Engage the mindset of the person who has accomplished those goals.

Believe in your ability and the purpose behind the goals so completely that success is inevitable.

Keep your mind, beliefs, words and actions aligned with SUCCESS.

Speak of your successful outcome.

Take daily actions aligned with your successful outcome.

EXPECT to be successful – there is no room for doubt in this process.

Visualize the desired outcome by seeing yourself achieve it.

Find an accountability partner for regular check ins.

If something unexpected arises, pivot and change to navigate it.  And if the unexpected tempts you to think you failed, I challenge you to re-frame “failure” as “new information” to guide you to the next course of action.

YOU are in control of your perspective of the world – empower yourself at every possible avenue.

Finally, celebrate the victories along the way and at the finish line. Savor the victories – big and small. Relish in them before moving on. Honor yourself for the successes.

Now… Don’t you have some inspired SMART goals to create?  Get on it!

Report back about how this goal setting process worked for you.  I cannot wait to celebrate your victories!

You’ve got this!

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Joan Jakel

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