I look to Joan when I feel the need for deeply practical, grounded advice that supports me in bringing my dreams into form.

She helps me make sense of how to translate visionary ideas into income. She has the gift of translating heart visions into practical structures with a natural gift of encouragement that comes from a warm and caring place. Dr. Neesa Mills

Four ways to engage with me…

All of my programs are designed for women, and occasionally a few men, who are stuck, in transition, facing big challenges or simply want more out of life.  Women who desire clarity, seasoned guidance, accountability and new tools to transform their lives and breath fresh life into their dreams.

The reality is we all need help from time to time. It’s nearly impossible to find the solution and the path to what you desire when you are immersed in “what is” and focusing on the challenges all around you.

Each of my programs is designed with you at the center.  Inside the programs, I guide you to get clear on your vision of your life, determine what it’s going to take to get you on that path, help you develop the skills and mindset to achieve it and teach you the tools to accelerate and solidify your results.

When people complete my programs, I ask them what they have learned about life and themselves and the best lessons, take away’s and A Ha’s they discovered during our time together. Here’s a peak into some of the transformations:

I’m such a badass! I’m an incredibly capable person who can do anything.

Best moment: When I realized I had been chasing someone to believe in & realized it had been me all along!

I provide a safe, supportive, nourishing environment where my top priority is to ensure each person feels safe, seen and heard. A place you don’t have to compete with other loud voices to be heard. A place where you can show up, have permission to be your messy self and know you are a worthy without having to do anything to earn it.  You have unconditional permission to be real and never judged for it. A place where you will experience deep empathy, compassion and love with an unwavering commitment to hold you accountable on your desired path.

If you’re ready to take center stage in your life and start living the life you’ve imagined but haven’t yet created, check out my programs and find one that resonates with you.  Feel into it, dance into it, analyze it – honor your process.  Above all, trust your instincts and let intuition guide the way.  They will never steer you wrong.

Serendipity may have brought us together – you get to choose the path forward.


What are you waiting for?  Your life is beckoning!

I am a totally different person than when we began. I now love myself, celebrate my gifts and feel worthy to have the life I desire.

The greatest realization is how much I was quietly suffering over beliefs of unworthiness. Now, I know I am worthy!

Private Coaching

Private Coaching

One-on-One, personally tailored coaching programs designed to help you create an empowered vision of your life. You will develop the mindset, skills, tools, and confidence to bring it to life.

Life Palette Consultation

Life Palette Assessment

A combination of an in depth life assessment questionnaire with a 90 minute consultation with Joan designed to help you gain clarity, create priorities and receive immediate support to implement.

VIP Intensive

VIP Retreat

A powerful & nourishing 6-hour intensive day devoted to jump-starting the visioning process. This immersive experience nourishes the body, mind and spirit while creating a compass to guide your journey and drive immediate results.

Journals & Art

Journals & Art

My art has been referred to as “Subliminal Coaching” given all the layers of messages, images, words, paint, paper and objects, all  designed to inspire, empower, encourage reflection and provide a space to voice it. Now, imagine all of this goodness on the cover of a journal!

Here’s the deal. If you want to create a life you have not yet been able to create, you must think and take action in new & different ways. You simply cannot achieve different results by doing things the same way!


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