Recently, a group of women gathered at my studio to tap into their creativity and design a canvas to display their word of the year and usher in their desires and goals.  We started the workshop with a red thread ceremony to share our intentions and connect with one another more richly.

an image of 5 hands connected together and red thread wrapped around each wrist
Then we moved into the studio, selected canvases and started creating.  Paint, papers, jewelry combined with conversation, food and vino.

a photo with a table filled with canvases and art tools
a photo taken in the art studio with ladies painting and a spread of food at the head of the table
an image of a ice bucket filled with beverages

Each lady flexed her creative muscles and created with the vigor of her inner child.  They created works of art imbued with layers of desire, intention, emotions, feelings and friendship.

an image of a lady painting
An image of a canvas pained in shades of green with inspriing words
Each lady finished her masterpiece and ignited a dream.

an image of 4 ladies holding their canvases

Joan Jakel

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