An image of Joan Jakel wearing a black lace dress with a huge smile on her faceWelcome!!

I’m delighted to welcome you to my website.  Thank you for stopping by for a visit.  Grab a cup of tea, pour a glass of wine, get comfy and let’s connect.

I created this site to be an extension of my physical community and to be able to connect with people from all over the world.  To connect and have real conversations about soulful topics, including following our dreams, walking our true path, tapping our potential, owning our story, creating the life we LOVE and savoring this journey.

Let me share what you can expect during your visits.


As I created this website, I went through a process designed by Liv Lane to create a blog that I truly loved – one that had purpose to me and would impact you.  In the process, I created a vision board that represents the purpose of my blog, the conversations I want to have with my visitors, my vision of the people who want to have these conversation, the places we would enjoy, and the delights we find in life.

Additionally, I created a place that I would love to spend time; one that invites me to regularly write in it and be inspired by the creativity, color, passion  and art that adorns the electronic “walls.” Everything you find here was created by me, makes my soul sing and brings me pure bliss!

What will we talk about?

~How to live our best life, the life we truly want.

~We’ll look at what we are truly afraid of, what is holding us back from reaching the life we truly want, so we can release it and reach our potential.

~We will look at why we are here and how we want to be remembered.

~We’ll discuss what we really want to do all day, what we want to explore and how we can do it.

~We’ll look through the lens of creativity to spark a transformation and bring creativity into our everyday life to help us imagine and create what’s possible.

~We will tap into our true potential and share our unique gifts with the world.

~ We’ll share our art with the world.

~ Together, we’ll reach our potential.

Who will be joining the conversations?

We are bright and bold. We are beautiful inside and out. We are confident and classy. We want comfort and joy. We want to find a soulful retreat to relax, restore and renew. We want to make a statement. We love our style! We want to have it all; we believe we can and we’ll support each other in getting it.  We are women without borders. We want to dare to be daring. We choose freedom, not fear. We make a statement.We are elegant and empowering.  Did I mention we are classy?!

What is my purpose?

I want to ignite you to take action by empowering and inspiring you to boldly transform your dreams into reality. I want to walk the creative path and share with you how to create a purposeful, authentic life that will exceed your wildest expectations!

Here’s my vision board that creatively defines this blog.  Do you see yourself here?

A Photograph of my Blog Inspiration Board showing the purpose of the blog

Inspiration Board for creating this blog

This is a Photo depicting Inspiration Board for Blog - Girlfriends, chocolate, yoga, relaxation and healthy food

Important things in life: Girlfriends, chocolate, yoga, relaxation, healthy food

This is a photo of the Blog Inspiration vision Board representing Living the Life you want

The importance of creating the life YOU want

Thisis a photo of depicting the Inspiration Board - for this blog Creating Your Own Story

Creating the life that fires you up!

Photo of the blog inspiration board depicting Diverse Women Interested in connecting and engaging

Diverse women creating connection


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