In September, 2017, I remodeled my art studio for the second time.  The first time was when I originally moved into the location when I converted it from a very raw state of a simple storage unit to a funky, functional art studio that made my heart very happy. Here are some photos of the original condition of the studio:

A photo of the studio before it was remodeled - a storage unitan imiage of the original condition of the studio looking into the rooms from the studio


the original second room in the studio

It was my first art studio and I was proud of its soulful creativity.  Here was the first remodel:

A wall painted blue, with art on the wall a photo of the studio with carpet squares and hutch

A photo of orchids on a table with the quote "It's really happening" in the backgroundan image of the 2nd studio room remodeled in blue, mustard and plum colors

After being in it for a year, I decided it was time to take it to the next level.  My sister-in-law flew from Arizona to Napa with a suitcase full of tools and a warrior attitude to spend the 3 day weekend giving my studio a serious facelift.  We had some serious work to do.  The goal was to provide cosmetic beautification, practical art studio updates, such as a new art hanging system, and necessary upgrades, such as insulation.  My studio would be open to the public in a couple of weeks for Open Studios and I wanted it to be perfect.

 My studio gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter since it’s old and not well insulated. We started with cutting and installing insulation in the ceiling.  In addition to putting insulation on the ceiling, we found flexible insulation that we could put in the windows and roll up for light or let down to keep out the cold or heat, depending on the season.  We (I use the term loosely, my sister-in-law did all the work!) created a ramp for my main studio so there is no longer a step down into the studio, but a beautiful, carpeted ramp easing my guests into a place to create.

a photo of my sister-in-law Measuring and cutting insulationa photo of my sister in law installing insulation on the ceiling

a photo of me and my sister in law wit a paint brush and saw remodelling my sister in law on a ladder installing insulation on the ceiling

a photo of Joan Jakel using her new saw to cut wood at the studioa photo of silver insulated material over the window at the studio



A photo of my sister-in-law using the saw to cut wood for the ramp in my studio My sister in law building a ramp in my studio

Treats and tools were both important:

a photo of a screwdriver and reeses peanut butter cups

Lots and lots of paint was in order. My studio has one large studio room for creating, another room for relaxing and connecting with my tribe and another room which is my office.

a photo of my floor partially painteda photo of the front entry way fully painted


a front entryway splattered with paint

A photo of Joan Jakel holding a white paint brush roller painting over the blue studio walla photo of painting white paint over the blue paint on my studio wall


My studio wall with brown paint over the blue to see how the color looks on the walla photo of the studio with new paint - brown, brick red and mustard yellow

Some of the finishing touches were curtains I made from some fabric I fell in LOVE with and a wrought iron mirror, both of which I found at a consignment store.  The wrought iron mirror is as heavy as it is gorgeous! I hung it from the ceiling with a couple of carbiners.  I also installed a professional, new art hanging system for my art, which made me feel like “real” artist.  It was important for my studio guests to feel comfortable, so I bought a portable heater/AC unit, a new water dispenser and a mini refrigerator.  Lastly, I added some new furniture; well, at least it was “new” to the studio!

I love supporting good causes and using recycled material when possible. The stools for the wine cocktail table I found at the Habitat for Humanity store.  I had been looking for a small loveseat for a year and a half and I couldn’t find the perfect piece.  Then, one day as I was perusing the local Good Will store looking for items to use in my collages, I found an amazing loveseat in a gorgeous color with beautifully crafted wood work.  My investment: $15!  It was my favorite treasure find, right after the wrought iron mirror. 

If you are in Napa, come visit me.  For those of you how aren’t in town (yet), welcome to my studio!

My Office:

an image of my office view of my deska photo of my studio office

an image of the cut out window with a colorful flute, butterfly and crystal glassesa photo of the cut out window between my office and the 2nd room

a photo of small crystal wine glasses, wine bottle and basket

My entertaining room:

The second room at my studio with a fresh coat of paint and a new door hanging

a sneak peak into my studio office, in the process of being remodelled

a photo of the loveseat with the view of the cut out to the studio officea photo of Joan Jakel on her favorite new loveseat at the studio, Joan's smiling and wearing a dress with cowboy boots

a photo of the corner of my studio with my bike, cocktail table and stools with art on the wall

My Studio:

an image of my studio wall with a fresh coat of white paint, a new art hanging system, a wrought iron mirror and my arta photo of my new wrought iron mirror hanging on the wall below a piece of art

A photo of my studio after it was remodelled


Joan Jakel

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