VIP Retreat Day

An Entire Day Devoted Entirely to YOU to Design Your Life!

Is this a day in your life?

You feel empty and try to plaster a smile on your face, but the dead eyes tell the real story.

You’re a career woman in an unfulfilling corporate job or entrepreneurial endeavor that is sucking you dry. You need more joy.

You feel guilty trying to make time for yourself because you have so many other obligations:  job, family, significant other, community involvement.  You need to be nourished.

The rat race has you in its grips.  You’re constantly rushing to get everything done and are stressed because you can’t catch up all the while feeling chronically behind.  You need more time.

You worry about financial security and have talked yourself into staying in your unfulfilling job because it’s “safe” and you probably can’t support yourself by doing what you love anyway.

Yet, you have a deep yearning to meaningfully connect with yourself and your purpose.

You can no longer ignore the calling, the deeply personal invitation to fully step into your life.  And, you need help finding your way.

An entire day devoted entirely to YOU!


Can you imagine what you could accomplish with a whole day dedicated to you, your vision and your goals? As you consider your answers, let me ask you a few more questions…

Are you ready to stop existing and start thriving?

Is it time to not only get clear on your vision, but also make it a priority in your life?

Is your life calling and are you finally ready to answer the most important call of your life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is your exclusive invitation to an extraordinary day of reflection, attention, action and empowerment that puts YOU at the center of attention.

If you want exclusive all-day access to me with laser focus on YOU, to achieve lightning-fast results in a nourishing setting, the VIP Retreat Day was designed for YOU!

This is a VIP day for women who are stuck, in transition or want more meaning in their lives. Women who know they have a purpose and gifts to share and need some seasoned guidance to clarify the vision and bring their lives into alignment with it. Women who value their time and want immediate results.

If this sounds like you…..

I want you to envision the following:

You have an entire day where the time is dedicated to, and all about, YOU!
No work, No kids, No significant other, No demanding electronics screaming for your attention.

The day ahead of you feels abundant and filled with possibilities. A calming peace falls over you as you realize this day has the potential to change the course of your life.

Fear, trepidation, stress and overwhelm are replaced with a quiet knowing that builds into excitement for the new course that is unfolding.

You find yourself in an environment that invites introspection to take a look at what matters most in your life.

Your nourishing day begins with a centering guided meditation to set the stage for the day and connect to your inner wisdom.

We will invite your muse to join us for a round of Intentional Creativity, which is a powerful process to connect to your sacred nature.  It is based on inquiry, intention, imagination and creativity that, when combined, provide a soulful framework for accessing life.

You look in front of you to find an original Joan Jakel journal created especially for you to capture your discoveries throughout the day. A glass of spa water topped with lemon and lime with a refreshing sprig of mint quenches your thirst and revitalizes your body as you embark on a journey.

Prior to your VIP Day, you will complete a comprehensive Life Assessment that will play a role in guiding our day and tailoring it to you.  Throughout the day, you will engage in exercises to create a vision of your life that ignites your sense of purpose and engages your gifts and talents. You will learn how to channel your inner maverick, create an immersive description of her and learn how to call upon her to keep you on course.

We will recode unproductive programming that has been holding you back and replace it with upgraded programming to live into the new possibilities you’ll created throughout the day.

The day is immersive, experiential and sacred.


You feel supported by an environment that allows you to be vulnerable, honest, courageous and hopeful.

Your day will be filled with activities to guide you on your unique path, guaranteed to cause more than a few “A ha’s”!

You will feel both invigorated and nourished.

A healthy, delicious lunch is included along with decadent snacks and beverages to keep you fueled throughout the day.

At the end of the day, you will walk away with a clear sense of direction, a connection to the highest version of yourself and an aura of unstoppability.

That evening, you go to bed more relaxed and at peace than you can ever remember experiencing.  As you drift off to sleep, you feel an encouraging sense of anticipation for what tomorrow will bring, replacing the old nagging sense of dread.

The following morning, you open your eyes feeling fresh, renewed, and rested. 


Finally!  A great night of sleep and a morning infused with optimism and a clear sense of direction.

You kick off the day with a sacred new morning routine that sets the tone for the day.  With clarity and excitement, you set your intention for the day.  With your recoded programming, you view your day through the perspective of expansive possibilities rather than limitations.

Your day glides with ease and time feels like your friend rather than foe. Your mindful approach to the day removes the stress as you continue to release the habits that no longer serve you and replace them with supportive habits and an empowered mindset.

When unproductive thoughts try to invade your peace, you use the exercises you learned to restore your center and keep you in your power. 

You feel like a confident badass with a strong, clear vision. 


Nothing is going to get in your way!

Additional Support:

To make sure you stay on your path, you will receive:

  • 4 weeks of follow up emails from Joan for accountability and support
  • a one hour coaching call with Joan within 2 weeks of the VIP Day.

Today, you connect with your truth.  As your vision unfolds and dreams are captured, a path emerges to bring both to fruition. 


Denise Beringer leaning on a beam with a smile on her face

Joan is a wonderful leader full of abundant inspiration.


Joan’s retreat was incredible! She led me through so many creative processes.  I stayed open and I could hear from my heart and Muse while shutting out judgment and my inner critic.

I learned so many important life lessons. 

I recommend working with Joan to get in touch with your inner guide & have the confidence and ability to access her in life.

I absolutely loved every minute and all the processes of the day.  It was filled with openness, possibilities and love.

Denise Beringer

Animal Advocate
Believer, Creator, Collaborator

Does this sound like a dream come true?

If so, then you will love the sacred VIP Day I created with the sole and soul purpose to guide you in connecting deeply with yourself as you explore your vision of life – one that supports you and allows you to dust off and activate those dreams you’ve kept on the back burner or discover the elusive path you desire but haven’t been able to find.

I’ve designed this VIP Day with one-on-one time with me in a magical environment designed to nourish, engage, uncover, release, restore, clarify and create.


Your VIP Retreat Day includes:

Six Hours of One-on-One Time

Six (6) hours of one-on-one time with me! I’ll take you on a guided journey created just for you. Prior to our special day, I’ll provide you with a comprehensive Life Assessment to help me tailor your day.

Creation & Conversation

Creative and impactful activities and dynamic exercises to spark discoveries, clarity, and movement on what matters most to you. Deep conversation and exploration with time to reflect and capture your thoughts.

Gifts & Surprises

A curated Goody Bag designed to nourish, support, and enhance your experience. A one-of-a-kind, original journal created by me just for you.

Nom, Nom, Nom

Culinary delights to nourish, pamper and support you, including lunch, snacks and beverages.


Follow Up Coaching Call – A one hour coaching call to process post VIP Day progress to keep you on track to implement your goals and vision.


4 Weeks of Accountability Emails to keep your momentum in high gear.

At The End of the VIP Day…

You will walk away with a deep level of clarity around your vision of life.

You will be ready to create a sacred space in your home to start your days with intentional practices.

You will connect with your inner wise self and know how to channel your authentic power in all situations.

You will emerge from the day refreshed and exhilarated to engage in your life with a fresh perspective and new attitude.

You will have an understanding of what’s possible in your life as you remove the obstacles that have kept you shackled to limitations.

You will have new tools to use with fresh confidence to be unstoppable going after the life you truly desire.

Kat Edman standing next to a painting of a work in progress on an easel

I have been a member of Joan’s Mastermind group & the weekend retreat was a culmination of all the work, growth and magic that I had been experiencing from Joan’s teaching, guiding and leadership.

She created a powerful program!  She effortlessly led the group through visualization, journaling and painting processes. 

Joan constantly reminded us not to bring our inner critic out and to accept ourselves & our painting. 

The entire experience was SO much fun, freeing and joyous.

I never wanted it to end!

Katrena Edman

How do I sign up for your VIP Retreat Day?

If you are ready to book your special day, then the next step is to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session call with me so we can discuss your goals, I can provide more details about the VIP Day and we make sure we’re a great match before booking your special day.

Due to the highly personalized nature of the VIP Day, there are a limited number of days offered each month.  Once we are in agreement that we’re a great match and this is the right decision for you, we’ll book your VIP Day.  A deposit is due at the time of booking to reserve the day for you and the remainder of the balance is due five (5) days prior to the VIP Day.  

Denise Beringer leaning on a beam with a smile on her face

I learned how to create my own destiny!


On a practical level, I learned how to handle the fear that had been crippling me for so many years, foster my dreams and develop a plan to set my true life in action.

Joan armed me with tools I needed to implement achievable goals.

We worked together to make my masterpiece.

Lori Rutten
Serial Entrepreneur



Why work with Me?

I have a proven track record. For 25 years, I’ve successfully coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to develop the mindset, create the structures, learn the skills and up-level their tools to design a life and business that exceeds their expectations.

Diversity of Experience

I am a personal development coach, a business attorney, a serial entrepreneur, an artist, a student of life, a dream chaser (and catcher), a believer in big, hairy audacious goals and a legend maker.


Extensive Training

I’ve invested countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and education over several decades to learn cutting edge processes and continually evolving resources. Each coaching program was thoughtfully designed to comprehensively package a lifetime of learning to help you create breakthrough results.

Supportive Environment

I create a safe, nourishing and judgment-free environment to give you full permission and safety to show up and be real (and messy).  I provide compassionate yet no BS support that gives you permission to be honest, vulnerable and, did I mention, messy,

I know the pain, overwhelm and soul-crushing loss from navigating a divorce.  The days when numbness consumes your body and the only thing you want to do is pull the covers over your head and hide. When you find yourself behind locked doors wracked in pain, unable to face the world and desperately wondering if you will ever feel joy again. (You will.)

I’ve dared to leave my safe, lucrative dream job to launch my own business and face the uncertainty, the unknown, the fear and crazy lifestyle of an entrepreneur. (After 25 years, I’ve never looked back.)

I’ve picked up and moved my life across the country, multiple times, to follow my inner guidance and live life by my adventurous standards pursuing my unique dreams. (I highly recommend following your unique path!)

I’ve massively transformed my business over the years to follow my purpose and passion. From

    • putting myself through law school,
    • to working at a law firm,
    • to leading the legal department of a corporation,
    • to setting up my own law firm,
    • to becoming an artist,
    • to becoming an intentional creativity teacher,
    • to having an art studio on the Napa River,
    • to leading retreats and experiences,
    • to becoming a transformative personal development coach combining my wisdom with my skills, gifts & passions.  (And I’m only just getting started!)

As a result of my life experiences, I’ve created powerful, results-driven coaching programs to help you create the life YOU love!

Life Coach Joan Jakel

Q & A…

What's Required to Participate?
  • A commitment to yourself that you deserve this sacred time.
  • A commitment to yourself that you will show up, be honest, courageous, vulnerable.
  • An open heart to guide you.
  • A willingness to be coached.
  • A burning desire to follow your own path
Where is the VIP Day Held?

In the metropolitan Phoenix area. You will receive more details during the Discovery Call.

What's Included?

It includes 6 hours working with Joan, all of the tools, activities and supplies that will be used throughout the day, a nourishing lunch and snacks, a delightful goody bag, an original Joan Jakel collaged journal. You will also receive one coaching call with Joan after the VIP Day and 4 weeks of follow-up accountability emails.

What's not included in the VIP Day Investment?

The investment does not include travel, lodging or airfare – those are separate costs for which you are solely responsible if you are traveling to Phoenix.

Are there opportunities to work together before or after our VIP Retreat Day? Yes!

If you are ready for personal attention, support and accountability for you , your vision and your goals, I offer a variety of coaching programs.  Check out my Coaching Programs for more information.

You have choices!

Each of us is on our own journey.  I’ve designed 3 Coaching Programs to meet you where you are at in your journey and help you get to the coveted, self-determined finish line. Click on the button below each program to get all the details.

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for?  Contact me and we can tailor a program just for you and your goals.

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