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Unleash Your Life Mastermind Program

Mastermind Strong FinishYou have four months left in 2019, how are you going to end the year?

     ♦ Are you on track to hit the goals you set in January, or are they collecting dust?

     ♦ Are you determined to end the year with a self-defined big win?

     ♦ Do you find yourself easily sidetracked by all the shiny objects, and social media streams, vying for your attention? 

     ♦ Do you need the discipline of regularly scheduled calls with accountability partners to keep you on track?

      ♦ Are you craving collaboration with people who are equally committed to achieving their dreams and goals?

If your answer is “Get out of my head! Yes, that’s exactly what I need!!” then join me in my Unleash Your Life Mastermind group and get ready to rock the remaining months of the year. 

What is a mastermind, you ask?

While masterminds can take many forms, this one is designed around the philosophy of bringing people together to meet on a regular basis with the goal to collectively engage, learn, share, develop and grow while being guided by a facilitator – me.

The result: massive collaborative support to take on your life and goals in a more purposeful way with bigger results. 

Mastermind collaboration

Some of the benefits of a mastermind include:

  • A confidential, safe place to explore and address your challenges, obstacles and resistance
  • The ability to exponential develop and think BIGGER
  • An incubator to explore and take committed action on your goals, dreams, ideas and life
  • Accountability
  • Connection, connection, connection
  • A sacred space to get real
  • The opportunity to learn from the collective wisdom of others
  • An opportunity to share your unique knowledge to help others
  • A facilitator to provide coaching, resources and support

Forbe’s contributing author Sarah Kathleen Peck recognized that,  “One of the key benefits of a mastermind is that it provides a space to unpack difficult puzzles and dig into the challenges you’re working through.”

My primary goal in facilitating the Unleash Your Life Mastermind is to create a safe place where people who are craving support and connection can bring their dreams, goals and challenges to the table to receive dedicated time and guidance to address them in meaningful ways.

A place:

     ~that encourages people to authentically show up and be vulnerable and open to what is possible.  

     ~where people can engage in conversation with like-minded individuals to receive the value of the collective wisdom and experiences from members of the group.

     ~where people can be facilitated and coached to share challenges and goals to arrive at options and solutions.

A mastermind is the perfect setting for growth and collaboration whether you are:

  • an entrepreneur,
  • in the process of change or transition,
  • trying to ignite a dream,
  • exploring an idea,
  • committed to hitting stretch goals, or
  • overcoming obstacles to reach new heights.

Admittedly, benefits and goals are valuable, but what really matters are the bottom line results

Mastermind Results

So, what results can you expect at the end of the Mastermind program? 

If you get off the sidelines of your life and commit to yourself and the other members of the Mastermind program, you will:

  • Take massive action on your goals
  • Discover timeless tools and resources to navigate life’s obstacles
  • Skyrocket your confidence
  • Create long term relationships with co-adventurers of life
  • Develop an empowerment mindset while overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Finish the year strong
  • Experience a profound sense of accomplishment

Let’s talk details:

Participants: There are 4 individuals per mastermind group to create an intimate group of people with a supportive focus to help each member achieve their desired goals. Each member will be interviewed prior to the start of the mastermind to ensure each group is balanced and yet diverse to add perspective.

Frequency: We will meet twice a month via Zoom and each meeting will last 2 hours. 

Start Date: The program begins in the first week in September

Duration:  3 months so you’ll have a full quarter to dig into your goals.

Days: The calls take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays with optional time frames.  More details with exact dates and times will be provided to applicants.

Investment: The investment for the mastermind group is $400 per month for a total investment of $1200. 

Discounts: If you are an existing client of mine or you are a subscriber on my Empowerment Newsletter, you will receive a discount of $50 off the monthly rate for a total investment of $1050. 

Payment Plan: I also offer a monthly payment plan to make it easier on your pocketbook – just ask. 

Registration: If you are interested, please provide your name and email address in the below contact form.  I will reach out to you to begin the application process and share more details regarding the available days and times to meet.  If you have any questions, submit them in the contact form.

Here’s to a year end dash filled with infinite possibilities!

Apply for Unleash Your Life Mastermind

Please provide your name and contact info.

Mastermind Facilitator Joan JakelWho am I to facilitate the mastermind?  I’ve had extensive experience with mastermind groups.  The first one I co-created 15 years ago with a couple of other business owners when our businesses were in the infancy stage. 

We met every single Wednesday morning and explored our lives, shared, learned, grew, supported, cried, celebrated and navigated every single thing life threw at us. This mastermind helped us grow personally, professionally and exponentially over the years. 

Each of us continues to operate our original business and have expanded into additional businesses.  We still meet every Wednesday and recently celebrated our 15 year anniversary! It’s probably not a surprise we are now best friends.

This is one of my all-time favorite programs to facilitate because it fosters genuine connection (which we are all craving), creativity, shared knowledge, support, camaraderie, massive growth and development, a dynamic dream unfolding zone and a confidence booster as you receive the support of co-adventurers who desire to give as much as they receive in helping others.

If you love the idea of a Mastermind, but prefer one-on-one time with me, you can check out my coaching programs at Joan Jakel Coaching Programs or an intensive all day VIP day

Testimonials from Mastermind Participants

Joan is an amazing combination of clear presence, intelligence and brilliant ideas. She holds space masterfully, is such a keen listener, and her superpower is finding the sweet spot for empowering next steps that have impact. I highly recommend working with Joan as my own time with her in a mastermind has been invaluable!

Laurie Morse
Director of Holistic Health Services
Intentional Creativity Teacher


I have worked with Joan in our mastermind group for about 15 years. The group started as a way to support each other in our entrepreneurial endeavors and became so much more. Joan brings the balance of logic and compassion to everything she does and coaching is the perfect place for her to use those skills. She walks the walk and cares deeply for those she works with. You can bet that if you decide to work with her, you will succeed at whatever you have set out to do. So take the chance, roll the dice and you’ll be rewarded fully for your efforts when you decide to work with her.

Tonetta Weaver
Actress and Entrepreneur

Joan is the BEST…without a doubt! I have worked with other “life coaches” but none brought their entire heart and soul to the process like Joan does. She is extremely knowledgeable and a master at intuitively helping to drill down to what is truly important in a way that effectively helps wash away internalized and unproductive self chatter. Working with Joan is like breathing the freshest air and basking in glorious light!! Everyone should have a Joan Jakel experience! It will last you a lifetime!

Sheryl Marshall
Artist and Entrepreneur


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