Transform your mindset and you will experience your life through a new filter of thoughts and beliefs. It’s mind-boggling the drastically different results you can achieve by simply shifting your perspectives. Let me share a real-life example of epic changes from a few simple mindset shifts.

From Junk to Masterpiece: A Real-Life Transformation

Recently, I’ve been helping my parents with a large remodeling project. I’ll be honest, when I started this project, all I could see was “junk” and zero possibility of creation.

Slowly, I started moving things around to make my inner Virgo happy and get organized. Then, I started moving things more strategically to create a space that was more inviting – an environment that would allow me to work more effectively and enjoyably.

This was followed by more sorting and sifting, contemplating and reflecting, looking more intentionally and thoughtfully at all the items around me, pulling out the gallons of paint and viewing them through my imaginative inner color wheel.

Seeing Potential: The Power of a Mindset Shift


Suddenly, I could see how things could be rearranged and pulled together. Different colors, fresh paint, new arrangements of old items.

The next thing I knew, the excitement of fresh creativity took hold. The room turned into my canvas, the items my palette, and I was the artist.

Ultimately, I created an entirely new room, space, and environment that was truly moving, engaging, and inspiring. I didn’t buy anything for the redesign. In fact, I used all the items that were already at the location – all the “junk” I initially saw. I just started to see them differently, which allowed me to experience them differently.

The only thing that changed from the start to the finish of the project was my internal filter of how I viewed the environment and my willingness to see things differently.

Transform Your Mindset: Shift Your Perspective

Our lives operate the same way. We experience our life through the filter of our thoughts and beliefs. We can wear a “junk” filter, which might be in the form of “life is hard, scary, challenging, filled with lack, unsafe,” etc. Our mind will never make a liar out of us, so it will filter our reality to make sure it aligns with the “junk” expectations.

We will see, feel, and experience life exactly as we anticipate through the filter. However, we are powerful creators of our own lives. We always have a choice to transform our mindset to change how we experience life. We can decide to try on new thoughts.

Discovering Abundance Through a Mindset Shift


Perhaps life isn’t as hard as we imagined; it’s a little less scary, and we can find evidence of being safe right here, right now. Life starts to shift and encourages us to make more adjustments to the mindset. Suddenly, our eyes are open to examples of the abundance that’s all around us in various forms:

  • Immediate access to connect with people around the world through a variety of technology.
  • Endless music options and ways to stream it.
  • Access to thousands of movies and TV through countless streaming platforms.
  • Availability of millions of books in print, audio, and electronic versions.

Ubiquitous examples of abundance!

Life shifts and we view the world differently – experience it differently. Each shift opens us up to new discoveries and new ways of being. It encourages deeper exploration and more possibilities.

Your Power to Transform Your Mindset

The external world did not change; it’s still the same old world spinning on its axis – we just rearranged how we experience it by how we think about it.

The good news is: If you don’t like how life is showing up for you, transform your mindset.

You are not a victim of your circumstances – you are a powerful artist with the ability to transform your experience of life by transforming how you choose to see it.

What will you create with your canvas? Your potential is endless!

Embrace Your Power to Transform Your Mindset


Transform your mindset and you change your world. By shifting your perspective, you can transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Embrace your power to create the life you desire, starting with the thoughts you choose to think.

For more resources and tools to transform your mindset, check out my blog post 3 Steps to Create an Empowered Mindset to Change Your Life which includes some journal prompts and a downloadable worksheet.

Your canvas is waiting – what masterpiece will you create?

p.s.  Here’s a little glimpse of my external transformation after my internal mindset shift:


The ability to shift your perspective can transform your mindset to see through a "junk" filter such as seeing this dated ugly wall in dire need of a remodel

After – who doesn’t love twinkle lights under the framed glass?!:

A beautiful remodeled wall with fresh paint and decorations, the direct result of transforming my mindset to see the possibilities

Joan Jakel

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