As an empowerment coach, much of my practice involves helping women entrepreneurs overcome limiting beliefs that are holding them back from what they want to cause and create in life and business. These beliefs are often built on old conditioning and stories that originally came from others (parents, teachers, family, society, etc.) and were heard over and over again until they formed beliefs that operate as fact or truth.

Limiting beliefs become the filter through which life is experienced and created. Let this be a cautionary tale since our brain is a powerful tool and will always seek, and find, evidence to support what we believe. If we believe it, our life shows up in support of it.

Which is why real change always begins on the inside.

The Impact of Limiting Beliefs

Often, limiting beliefs are running in the background of our mind on automatic pilot, playing on repeat until something (generally unpleasant) happens to expose them. I often work with female entrepreneurs who are tired of unproductive cycles or unhealthy patterns in their lives and businesses.

While they come to me to help them “fix” the external problem, I help them discover the true source of the problem: the internal limiting belief that keeps them locked into the cycle.

We don’t “fix” the circumstances.  Instead, we upgrade the belief system to achieve a different result and end the unproductive and unhealthy cycles.

Aligning Beliefs with Desired Outcomes

This is a process of alignment – aligning your belief system with the outcome you desire.

For example, if you believe you have to work hard to make money and it’s hard to make money, poof that’s how life shows up.

‍But are these beliefs “true”?

• Are they your “truth” or did you learn them from your parents, environment, someone else?
• Have you seen examples of people who make money with ease doing what they love?
• Have you experienced this yourself on occasion, but it didn’t last?

Why can’t it be your reality all the time?

Well, it can – if you believe it can. We call this an empowering belief.

3 Steps to Shift from Limiting Beliefs to Empowering Beliefs

Step 1: Examine Your Life and Beliefs


Start to closely examine your life, the beliefs you hold and the outcomes you’re currently achieving. Do you grind away at work and yet never seem to get ahead? When you finally manage to get ahead, does some unexpected bill come along and take away the savings?

️Hint: Your outcomes will always show you what you think about and believe.

Step 2: Question Your Limiting Beliefs


After examining your life, start to question the beliefs and ask yourself: Is this really true for me? Is it true for me NOW? Or is this an old, conditioned limiting belief, or someone else’s belief that I took on that really doesn’t align with how I now understand life can work?

Step 3: Replace Limiting Beliefs with Empowering Beliefs


Then, choose to release the limiting belief and replace it with an empowered belief that supports and aligns with the outcome you desire.

For example: “It’s easy, joyful and fun to make money doing what I love.”

Warning: This step can get tricky when making big belief shifts.


Our brain doesn’t like change and has a hard time letting go of ingrained limiting beliefs to trust a new empowering belief. It also gets stuck in the dissonance of two competing beliefs, such as moving from “it’s hard to make money” to “it’s easy, joyful and fun to make money.”

Rather than forcing our brain to choose, which may not bode well for our new empowered belief, we can straddle the two and momentarily hold both beliefs as true.

A New Approach to Embracing Change, Growth and Choice

Think of beliefs you’ve held over your lifetime that have changed as you grew and evolved. Some of what was true for you at ages 10, 20, 30, 40, and so on, is probably (hopefully!) not true to you today. As we grow as human beings, our understanding of life and the corresponding belief systems also grows and evolves.

We can recognize that at one point in time, a limiting belief was true to us. It was conditioned, it was ingrained, we acted in the belief of it and created outcomes in alignment with it.

Over time, we evolved. We learned, grew and developed. We became better versions of ourselves and we adopted new ways of being.

Now, we have the power of choice to select new empowered beliefs aligned with our understanding of how life works and our desired outcome.

Releasing Old Limiting Beliefs and Embracing New Aligned Beliefs

As we transition from old to new, we can gently hold the old limiting belief and the new empowered belief. We can recognize the historical origins of the old belief, without judgment or making it wrong now. The limiting belief is simply out of alignment with the life we’re now creating.

Your brain can relax into making a thoughtful decision.

Finally, we can release the limiting belief as it no longer serves us or fits into our new, evolved understanding of how life works. Set it free and release it with appreciation and gratitude for the lessons learned.

Nurturing New Empowering Beliefs

✨ Now, we can accept the new empowered belief that is in alignment with our evolved understanding of how life works. Since this is a new belief, it’s important to nurture it:

• Think it on repeat.
• Create affirmation and mantras of how it works for you (see below image).
• Visualize it with all of your senses, which gives your brain even more comfort in adopting it.
• Speak aligned words.
• Take inspired action.
• Anchor into the new belief until it becomes your new automatic pilot.

A collage of empowering statements to overcome limiting beliefs

For more tools, resources and encouragement to transform limiting beliefs, check out my earlier blog post ->>> You Create Your Own Reality

The Journey to a Life You Love

Intentionally creating a life (and business) you love takes effort, diligence, commitment, practice, patience, introspection, the willingness to get uncomfortable and a whole lot of self-love knowing you’re worth the effort.

Here’s to knowing your worth it!

P.S. If you found this article helpful, please share with your community. Overcoming limitations to find our authentic power takes support. Let’s work together to become the best versions of ourselves.


Joan Jakel

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