transform-300x420I am super excited to share my art on Etsy and be able to reach people around the world to share my vision of empowering and inspiring art.  It has been quite the journey to reach this place.  Initially, I started to paint to find a hobby.  My life was consumed by my work, which I loved, but it made for a rather boring conversation outside of my otherwise exciting life of helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams and goals.  I thought I could make myself more interesting by finding a hobby I could talk about rather than work.  What I discovered made me more than interesting, it lighted up my passion.

I fell in love with art and creativity.  My exploration into creativity took on a dedicated journey to learn about the various art mediums. One of the end results took me by surprise: I discovered that creativity made me a better attorney, business person and human being.   I found myself looking at life differently and viewed it through a new lens; a lens that noticed color, shadow, light and how they interacted.  Suddenly, watching television was an exercise in seeing how the use of light captured a mood, a moment, a face and how it impacted the scene.  I’ve actually paused a movie to take a photo of a scene, generally a face, so I could recreate it by drawing it or painting it. There’s no going back for me!

Fast forward.  Now I create mixed medium and collage pieces that are designed to empower and inspire.  In my role as attorney, I’ve spent two decades helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams and goals.  In this chapter of my life, I want to play the role of artist to empower and inspire others to design their best life by putting their dreams into action and not let them whither away to die on a vine.  Every life is a miracle and it’s best played by keeping dreams alive and finding their reality. My art encourages you believe in yourself and your dreams.

On Etsy, I have a sampling of my matted prints, which are quality reproductions of my mixed medium originals, and I have a couple of sets of greeting cards made from my art.  All the reproductions are made with archival inks, paper and matting for the best possible reproduction of the original.  Here is a sample of what you’ll find on Joan Jakel’s Shop on Etsy.  I do hope you’ll come check out my art and drop me a note to share your experience of it.  Carpe Diem!

a photo of my collage titled "Be Daring" with inspiring words, sayings and bold passionate colors

Be Daring Collage

take a journey find yourself collage

Take A Journey, Find Yourself collage

a photo of my Believe Collage that has inspiring words and statements and is painted with bold jewel toned colors

Believe Collage

a photo of a collage with bold, vibrant colors and words such as Dream and imagine

Do Something Awesome Collage

a photo of a collage with the prime focus word "Soar" and "Follow your Bliss"

Soar – Follow Your Bliss Collage

A collage with a flower in the center, a butterfly in teh top left corner and the work "Transform" on the left with inspiring phrases in tuscan colors

Transform Collage

this is a greeting card, 5x7, with a reproduction of a collage containing a heart in the center with a butterfly overlaw with the wod "Shine" below the heart

Shine Greeting Card

a photo of a hand painted thank you card

Thank You Card – Hand Crafted

set of 4 hand painted greeting cards

Set of 4 Inspiring, Hand-crafted Greeting Cards