I want to have a heart-to-heart with you today about a misconception of epic proportions. Narcissists and sociopaths excluded, there appears to be an erroneous general consensus that worthiness and its best friend, being “good enough,” have to be earned.

Rumor also has it the way they are achieved is guided by external measurements – like hitting a self-determined worthy goal, milestone or accomplishment.

There is a false sense of certainty that once this external accomplishment has been met, the sense of worthiness and finally being “good enough” will be waiting at the finish line to wash over you.

So let me ask you – have you ever seen them excitedly cheering you on at the finish line? Tragically, the disappointment of their disappearance is followed by another lie – maybe the next BIGGER goal will earn their presence.

The reality is we will never find “worthiness” and being “good enough” outside of ourselves.

What if I told you worthiness isn’t something that you have to earn and being “good enough” doesn’t come with years of practice?!

What if I told you the duo is a built-in gift you were born with?!

We have been conditioned to look at this backwards – as if worthiness is something we have to achieve and obtain by doing enough of the right stuff. (Who defines the “right stuff,” anyway?!)

At our core, we are worthy and extraordinary human beings (“good enough” is not good enough – you are a much higher standard my friend!).

You were born worthy, perfectly packaged as an amazing human being with all of your unique skills, gifts and talents.

Over the years of navigating life’s challenges, environmental and societal influences, family conditioning, etc., we covered up our worthiness and inherent goodness. We started to doubt ourselves. In fact, we’ve covered them up with so many layers, we forgot our truth.

We started to seek externally that which we already had internally.

We sought validation of worthiness and being good enough with artificial metrics that were impossible to hit, keeping us from our full power and locking us into an infinite loop of impossibility.

Let’s agree to step out of that loop.

A collage background with affirmations on the foreground dealing with worthiness

Why is this so important now?

This world of ours, and everyone in it, is in the midst of massive transformation. This stage of life is all about the continuation of personal development and courageously stepping into our most authentic, self-expressed lives using our unique skills, gifts and talents.

We are shifting and changing at the identity level, which is the deepest level of who we are as a human being.

We have a responsibility to ourselves to know our truth, peel back the layers of old stories and lies and embrace what’s at our core.


Here’s what I want you to do:

Start peeling back the layers of conditioning and stories you’ve been telling yourself. Be honest with yourself. Start to see the worthiness and inherent goodness buried inside of you.

Look back on your life at all the truly amazing accomplishments and beautiful moments and really anchor into the fact you used your skills, gifts and talents that were MORE than good enough and rooted in worthy as you achieved, excelled, learned, grew, lived, loved, sought and discovered.

Recognize you had what you desired inside of you all along, even as you sought it externally.

Feel your worthiness and excellence in all the ways they show up.

Get sensory – How does it look, feel, taste, smell, sound? How does it move? Use all of your senses and create the embodiment of worthiness and excellence.

Then, live into the embodiment. Own it. Believe it. Exemplify it. Keep practicing until you remember the truth of who you are.

You got this.

After all, you were born for this.

Joan Jakel

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