Let me ask you – do you believe in magic?

(asked in my best The Lovin’ Spoonful voice)

From the insightful and delightful musings of Mike Dooley’s Universe (check out www.tut.com) to the skeptic-turned-believer academician, author and coach Martha Beck (check out her book The Way of Integrity – Finding the Path to Your True Self), “Magic” is a term that has gained popularity over the years, and yet its application is as varied as its definitions.

I’m not talking about “hocus pocus” and “fairy dust” – I’m talking about a belief in the way the universe works in its infinite desire to support you.

Let me refer to Will Smith’s book, Will, again to give you context (there are so many great nuggets in this book!).  Will Smith shared the following about Quincy Jones and magic:

Quincy Jones understands magic.

He sees the universe as an infinite playground of magical possibilities.  He recognizes the miraculous potential in every moment and everything and everyone around him.  His superpower is that he has learned to present himself to the universe as a lightning rod, placing himself perfectly to capture and conduct the ever-present, ever-recurring magical flashes of brilliance surrounding us all.

Quincy Jones is an intuitive, artistic storm chaser.  He can sense the subtle flickering of the impossible preparing to strike.  He prepared himself for decades, studying music, playing thousands of gigs, learning from masters, surrounding himself with the most accomplished performers and artists. … He learned how to prepare the environment and invited the energy in…”

Here’s the thing about magic that Quincy Jones understood and harnessed:

  • it’s all around you,
  • it wants to deliver on your dreams, and
  • you have your part to play in both preparing for it and allowing it.

First, you need clarity about what you want in life. 

If you don’t have clarity, how can you go after it? So ask yourself: 

  • What do you want to create?
  • How do you want to live?
  • What skills, gifts and talents do you want to use?
  • How do you want your days to look and feel?
  • What are your goals, dreams and desires?

Second, magic requires the faith of a child – you must believe in it. 

You must believe there is a life force that exists to support you.  Life is conspiring to bring forth our dreams and goals in ways better than we can imagine if we allow it.  It’s often delivered through chance occurrences, unseen opportunities, serendipity and synchronicity (some would call it “luck” but those of us in the know recognize the magic for what it is).

Third, magic requires collaboration. 

You have to do your part to bring about the desired outcome, which means dedicated focus and action on the goal. 

Quincy Jones “prepared himself for decades” as he studied, performed, sought out the masters in his industry and surrounded himself with the best and most talented in his industry.

  • What are you doing in furtherance of your dream or goal?
  • Are you studying and practicing the necessary skills?
  • Are you networking or learning from those who have accomplished what you desire?
  • Are you surrounding yourself with people who can help you achieve the results you seek?

If you are not taking action, then it’s time to get honest with yourself to determine if the goal truly matters to you or if it needs redefining or if you are bumping up against resistance for you to break through.

Fourth, allow the magic to do its part. 

You job is to faithfully follow steps 1, 2 and 3 and then get out of the way to allow the magic, serendipity and synchronicity to show up with surprise and delight. 

For a truly inspiring representation of this in action, check out this video sharing the story of Mackenzie Scott’s “transformative” $133.5 million donation to education non-profit Communities in Schools – donation goodness.  Listen carefully as the President and CEO, Rey Saldaña shares that they had NO IDEA their organization was even being considered for a donation!  They were simply doing what they knew to do to further their mission and they were doing it to the very best of their abilities. 

Friends – this is magic in action!

For good measure, practice gratitude. 

Stay grounded in gratitude.  Give thanks for everything in your life, the lessons learned, your skills, gifts and talents, overcoming challenges, all the greatness that is coming – EVERYTHING.

For the skeptics I ask you: what do you have to lose by giving this a try?

You’ll get clear on your goal, you’ll determine steps to take towards it, you’ll create a gratitude practice and you’ll try on the concept of a supportive life force that wants to help you.

For those of you semantically challenged with the word “magic,choose a word that resonates with you if magic doesn’t cut it: universe, omnipotent source, life force, God, spirit, the divine, co-creator…

Play with the concept and see what shows up. 


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Carpe Diem!

Joan Jakel

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