Today, we’re going to tap into our inner gardener to plant some healthy, supportive seeds and do a little pruning of some weeds in the process.  No green thumb required.  Ready?

I want you to think about the words you choose when you engage in conversation with others and the self-talk that lands on your own ears.

How intentional are you when you select your words?

The words we use are seeds that blossom into our reality.   As you look at the words you use – what type of garden are you planting?

Life is energy and our words carry a life force within them

Our words can build us up or they can tear us down. 

We see examples of this all around us – just turn on the tv and catch a political advertisement or watch the news. As you listen to their word choices: How do the words impact you? How do you feel? How do you want to respond? Are you motivated, angered, inspired, disgusted, hopeful?

Let’s take a look at an ubiquitous example – we have to “work hard” to succeed.  I had that pounded (intentional word choice 😉) into me growing up and I believed in the truth of it. That seed had some deep roots.

I believed I HAD to work HARD if I wanted to achieve my goals and be successful. And if I hadn’t achieved my goals, it meant I needed to work harder.  I was a full-fledged, card carrying, proud workaholic and it was HARD work. And it felt miserable.

I realized that hard work was not the way for me to be successful.  There was a much healthier, enjoyable way to create success and design a meaningful business. It was time to find a better description to flip the “hard” paradigm.

First, I looked at the intent behind the words “working hard” and recognized it was intended to reflect a “solid work ethic,” which is something I respect.

Next up, I looked for replacement words to eliminate “hard” and capture work ethic: “healthy work ethic that supports me in achieving my goals.”

I was on to something. It needed a bit more refining to line up with the full quality of life and work that I truly desired.  Which led to:

I have a healthy work ethic that wholeheartedly supports me to take inspired action to build my business and impact my clients.”

Now this creates a reality I want to live into every day. 

It supports me, motivates me, inspires me and feels good and healthy. I ripped out the “work hard” weeds and planted these new seeds which blossomed into a fulfilling life and business.

We believe in the truth of the seeds we plant until we decide it’s time to rip them up and plant better seeds.  It’s our responsibility to keep an eye on the garden to make adjustments: Are your words supporting you and your life? Or is it time to plant better seeds?

Now, let me ask you a follow up question: How do you speak to yourself about yourself?  Are you critical, tell yourself you don’t know what you’re doing, or that you’ll never figure it out or that you’re stupid or a fraud or ….

If so – Stop it. Stop it right now. Don’t even say it jokingly. Rip up those weeds by the roots and start planting better seeds.

Tell yourself you are smart, resourceful, valued, brilliant, worthy.  You have skills, gifts and talents highly desired and valuable.  

Take a stand for yourself and speak respectfully, lovingly and with admiration.

Create a better reality within you that will then be reflected outside of you.

Be very intentional, specific and descriptive with your word choices.

I challenge you to take a very close look at the words you are using.  Pay attention over the course of the week and intently listen.  Could you use an upgrade? A refinement? An overhaul? Are you right on track with an aligned life that supports you?

Take your gardener role seriously, pull out the weeds and plant a garden that would make a farmer’s market envious!

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Joan Jakel

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