This summer, I have been actively engaged in the Uplevel Incubator mastermind group facilitated by Leonie Dawson, a successful, enigmatic, creative, potty-mouthed business maven in Australia. If you want a role model for creating a successful business unabashedly, boldly and creatively doing it your way – Leonie is masterful!

We recently wrapped up the mastermind and Leonie asked me what was one of my biggest takeaways from our time together. While I learned A LOT, what stood out most is it’s ok to pivot in life as you gain more info. In fact, it’s not just “ok” – it’s necessary.

When I started the mastermind, I had fully anticipated I would go in one direction and utilize the collective wisdom of this talented gathering of successful entrepreneurs to support my well-intended goals.

However, life decided I needed an ENTIRELY different path and chose Leonie to deliver the message to me.

It was initially uncomfortable to change course. I questioned it and I felt disappointed that I wasn’t honoring my declared goals. But I listened, took in all information and ultimately discovered following my declared path wasn’t going to serve me.

A pivot was totally in my best interest.

As a result of honoring the pivot, I learned how to create a better path for myself and my business. I utilized the resources and wisdom I had access to and designed a more whole-hearted, authentically aligned and desirable foundation for my coaching business.

I channeled my “pivot enthusiasm” by elevating my website with effervescent photos of my joie de vivre (captured by the truly extraordinary photographer Karianne Munstedt) and poured my heart, passion and zest for life into sharing what it looks and feels like to have a Joan Jakel coaching experience.

I got crystal clear that my next big goals were to:

  • genuinely wrap up my community with deeper support and love;
  • authentically show up and provide surprises and delightful ways to work together; and
  • make a significant impact helping people wholeheartedly step into their lives.

Well, that led to offering my free, no-strings-attached pop-up coaching offer.


The resulting personal development coaching calls were beautiful miracles that sparked a new level of experiencing life for those who showed up to the calls.

That’s what I’m talking about!

And I didn’t stop there!  I created a new mastermind group.


I was inspired me to invite 4 clients to join me in a mastermind that I will facilitate for the next few months to nurture and courageously grow their soul-driven entrepreneurial visions. These women are making a difference in their communities and in the world. They are courageous and driven by a wholehearted desire to serve and make an impact by using their unique skills, gifts and talents.

They have lived the traditional professional career path and have walked away from it to live their purposeful path:

~ the path that flames their sacred, soul fire and beckons so loudly to drown out any doubts or naysayers,

~ the path they cannot deny while it defies logic to onlookers who live in a fear-base, scarcity-centric world telling them to stay in their safe, secure (ha!) soul-sucking jobs.

What is calling to you but you are afraid to answer? That is the path to follow. Collage by Joan Jakel

In their words, these women “have the courage to challenge themselves to do something that serves their soul” and “live the pivot” at this transformative stage in their lives.

This is the sweet nectar, the very marrow of life, that drives my desire to guide these courageous women.

We’re the self-proclaimed Power of Pivot (POP) Mastermind.

These women are the inspiring role models who live life on their own terms and will make the lives of people and animals better in the process.

They are designing and living their dreams and supporting each other in the process – it’s powerful to witness and my greatest joy and honor to facilitate.

What’s the morale of the story? Live into the pivot!

👉Don’t stay the course for the sake of staying the course.

👉Follow your compass and make sure you keep it calibrated.

👉Have the courage to follow your path and surround yourself with co-adventurers in life who will help you navigate the course.

👉Don’t listen to the noise – dare to listen to the quiet whisper within you that will guide you if you let it.

Each of you has gifts, skills and talents – please use them to make the difference that only you can make. If we all share our uniqueness, the needs of the world will be met. We can’t do it alone – we need each other – and we can do it together.

Is there a pivot calling you?  How will you answer?

Joan Jakel

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