These are interesting times we are navigating.  I know many of you are feeling the tension from a chaotic landscape.  We’re in a climate that is raising temperatures and fanning fear.

Admittedly, it is easy to get sucked into chaos since it seems to be everywhere we look. However, this is the ideal time to do the inner work to take away the power of the external circumstances and regain a sense of control over our personal domain.

In fact, there is no better time to claim your personal sovereignty to guide you on your true path rather than be coerced by the external forces that are not your own or may not even be real.

Let me share a personal example.

I’ve been navigating a lot of significant challenges this year that have had me swimming in fear.  I decided it was time to take my own advice: replace fear with curiosity. So I got curious as to the real source of my fear and dug into it.

What I discovered was the basis for my current fear was not actually current events, rather it was tied to an event that had occurred decades earlier. At the time of the event, I had a very real fear of what could have happened that could have led to bodily harm.  But fortunately, no bodily harm actually occurred.

It was the fear of the possibility of what “could have” happened that turned into a constant, imagined threat of possible harm.


Now here’s the deal – I didn’t realize this was running on automatic pilot in the background.  I just felt fear and it felt real and the facts in front of me were challenging so the fear felt “justified.”

It wasn’t until I really looked it square in the eye and looked beyond the obvious source of fear right in front of me that I could get to the deeper systemic roots driving it.

I was stuck in a loop over fear of what could happen from an event that never happened.

Any one else experience this?

As I sat with this newfound discovery, I reflected on how I could step out of the loop, genuinely close it and eliminate an unfounded source of fear that had been silently plaguing me for years.

I decided to change up the story and write a better ending.

I went back in time to the event that caused the fear. I walked through the steps leading up to the point where I was afraid something scary was going to happen and I created a new story with a better ending.

an open book with the center pages folded into a heart with a sunset over a lake in the background

I redesigned what happened next to fully support me and heal me.


I totally eliminated the fear by stopping it before it could happen and created a new empowered ending.  Not only did nothing bad happen, it was an ideal ending that gave me comfort, healing and strength.

It gave me the ending I would have wanted decades earlier.

It allowed me to show up as the person I am now, with my courage and wisdom, and not as a scared child who didn’t know what to do. It was an authentic ending that felt peaceful and I could feel closure in the air.

My mind had a new and better story to land on to enjoy rather than fear.


It’s imperative we fill our mind with supportive information and creations because left to its own devices it will fill in the blanks with stories and fear.

When there is no actual threat of danger to our personal safety, then fear is an illusion we create – we imagine a bad outcome or expect the worst.

One of my favorite acronyms for FEAR is:


If we’re going to imagine an outcome, by all means, let’s reframe it to imagine a better serving outcome.

The best way to take away the power of fear is to face it head on.

The gift of being brave and facing your fear is the freedom waiting for you on the other side.

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Joan Jakel

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