I am SO excited you have committed to take you life to a new level!! You have successfully signed up for my coaching program and I cannot wait to start working with you!

Thank you for choosing me as your coach to guide you.  I appreciate your trust and I want to acknowledge you for the big step you are taking today.

When I start something new, especially something that’s really important to me, I usually have a mixture of excitement and fear.  If that’s how you’re feeling right now, then you’re in an ideal place to make the most of this opportunity.

Part of what will help your fear subside—and turn your excitement into results—is having a structure to succeed in this program.  Here’s what’s next.

First, you will complete a Life Assessment. The Life Assessment is the document we’ll use to kick off the coaching program and start developing your coaching plan.  Please give yourself permission to take the necessary and thoughtful time to complete it as thoroughly, honestly and accurately as possible.

You can download the Life Assessment by clicking the following the link: Life Assessment Fillable rev 9-10-21

Once you’ve downloaded it, and save it to your computer.

Second, give yourself 1-2 hours to complete the Life Assessment – take your time, don’t rush and be very thoughtful, honest and real.  Honest answers lead to tangible results.

The Life Assessment is a fillable PDF so you can type you answers directly in the Assessment.  If you need additional space, create a word document or use any format that works for you.  Once you have completed the Life Assessment, save it to your computer and email it to me at

Then, pop out to my calendar and schedule our initial 90 minute coaching call with me.  Please give me at least 2 days to review the Life Assessment prior to our call so I can fully prepare and best serve you.  Click HERE for my calendar.

That’s it for now.  I’ll provide you with more information and documents via email.

If you have any questions, drop me a note at or give me a call at 480.205.8687.  I’m excited to begin our journey together and help you elevate, ignite and accelerate your vision for your life!

Carpe Diem!








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