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Shine Brightly

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This is a photo of an 8x8 canvas collage featuring a yellow heart w a butterfly in the center of it and teh word "Shine" below itOne of my favorite ways to get my hands messy is creating art that inspires!  I am on the constant look out all things inspirational and recently discovered artist Shawn Petite. Shawn inspires me.  Her art inspires me.  I love her techniques and the genuineness that flows from her work.  When I discovered that she offers online mixed medium classes, I raced to my computer.  I thoroughly enjoyed her style,  the simple yet highly effective techniques and I was able to further refine my artistic style. I thought I’d share one of my projects with you so you could enjoy the unfolding.

I started with a blank 8×8 canvas.

a photo of an 8x8 blank canvas

Then I started to add some stamps.

an image showing the addition of some brown stamps on an 8x8 canvas


And then I started to drip some paint

An image showing a Canvas with stamps and paint

an image conveying the Start of a canvas

I decided to add a focal point of a yellow heart I cut out of textured paper.

a photo of the start of a collage with a yellow heart focal point

close up of yellow heart on canvas

Time to add one of my favorite inspiring objects – a butterfly. I love the concept of a metamorphosis and the butterfly symbolizes growth, change, beauty and the full blossoming of life after struggle.
a photo of a Butterfly in yellow heart

Time to add paint.

an image showing adding paint to butterfly and heart collage

And some more paint and paper.

a photo showing the progress of the shine collage

Time to add a flower.

an image showing the beginning of a  Draft flower in the upper right corner

Giving the flower some form

An image of the Shine collage filling in

And a bit more detail

An image showing the addition of the word ""Shine" to the collage

Adding a butterfly to the Shine collage

an imagine of a new completed piece of art entitled "Shine"

And I finally arrived at a place where my heart said, “Stop.” From my heart to yours: Shine, my friends, shine!

This is a photo of an 8x8 canvas collage featuring a yellow heart w a butterfly in the center of it and teh word "Shine" below it

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