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Joan Jakel

Ways to Work with Me…

Are you ready, really ready, like ~ “Hell Yes I’m Ready!!!” ~ to launch into your life, make lasting, impactful changes and confidently use your voice to create a life you love?  I’ve got exactly what you need!

I’ve created powerful, results-driven coaching options to fit your lifestyle, goals and needs

Let’s dive into each – scroll over each number below for more information:

One-on-One Coaching

Private Coaching

One-on-One, personally tailored coaching programs designed to help you create an empowered vision of your life. You will develop the mindset, skills, tools, and confidence to bring it to life.

Assessment & Consultation

Life Direction Assessment

A combination of a comprehensive life assessment questionnaire and a 90 minute consultation with Joan designed to help you gain clarity, create priorities and receive immediate support to implement.

Goal Setting Workbook

Goal Setting & Getting Workbook

The Goal Setting & Getting Workbook contains 19 comprehensive worksheets and exercises designed to explore, define and implement your goals while providing a roadmap to personal and professional fulfillment in achieving them.

Journals & Art

Journals & Art

My art has been referred to as “Subliminal Coaching” given all the layers of messages, images, words, paint, paper and objects, all  designed to inspire, empower, encourage reflection and provide a space to voice it. Now, imagine all of this goodness on the cover of a journal!

Here’s the deal. If you want to create a life you have not yet been able to create, you must think and take action in new & different ways. You simply cannot achieve different results by doing things the same way!

Coaching Success Stories…

Lynn McNally

Lynn McNally


Through my work with Joan, I was able to completely transform some realms of my life that were bringing me down and preventing me from being the person I wanted to be. Now, I have a clear vision of the path to take to be in the place in life that I have always dreamed of being.

Nic McMurry

Nic McMurry

Serial Entrepreneur

I was in a funk with a few key relationships in my life & felt adrift at work.  We worked on a nagging negative inner dialogue that held me back, drilled down on my core values & mission in life & created a “tool belt” of resources to navigate challenges. This clarity catapulted my life into action!  I can’t recommend Joan highly enough.

Tammy Sorensen

Tammy Sorensen


I contacted Joan to kick some generational bad habits while preserving tradition to become a leader for my family. I found that changing my thinking empowered me, personally & professionally, to discover my best self. I will be forever grateful that her program helped me learn the tools to become a better leader.

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