Day 3 of My Studio Remodel.

It is time to put some paint on the walls of my studio so I can see some serious progress which will also serve as motivation for forward progress.  I had a friend in town and she graciously offered to help me with some painting.  Teddy Bear joined us, but chose to nap rather than help. We painted the top half of one of the offices.  My vision is to use my favorite color palette as the color scheme for the offices.  Translation:  Rich, warm yellow ochre on the top section of the wall.  The midpoint of the wall will have a gorgeous deep, rich wine burgundy trim.  The lower half of the wall will be covered in a rich, warm chocolate brown.  I simply cannot wait to finish the rooms.  Here’s a glimpse of our progress:


The results of our efforts:

Edging the wallsFriend help on painting dayThe finished top half!Painted cornerView out into the studioTeddy Bear sleeping on the job