Today’s note is a message wrapped in love ❤️ from my heart to yours.

I want you to know, feel and experience deep love and gratitude today, right here and right now.  In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, where the pace feels frenetic, the to-do list is endless and we feel like we live in a pressure cooker of obligations, I want you to know you are appreciated and loved just as you are.

So just for this moment, I want you to breathe deeply and slowly exhale.

Set down the burdens, the punishing schedule, the thoughts into the future and the regrets from the past.

Be here. Right now.

In this perfect, present moment where time can stand still for a breath, I’m sending you love and gratitude for being on the journey with me.


Love for the courage that you have to follow your unique path and dreams.

Love for the resiliency you have when you fall down to get back up again.

Love for the energy you expend in taking care of others.

Love for the hopefulness you bring to your communities.

Love for the vitality that you bring to the conversation.

Love for the selflessness you exhibit when giving back in meaningful ways.

Love to soothe the longing you have for better times.

Love to heal your losses and tenderly provide you with peace.

Love to encourage you to keep going – your dreams matter.

Love to embrace you exactly where you are at in life.

Love for you to know someone cares deeply and unconditionally.

Love to quench the need to be seen, heard and understood.

Love to give you the encouragement to keep putting yourself out there – the world really needs you right now to keep shining your light.

I’m grateful we have the opportunity to take on life together.  I always look forward to receiving your replies, learning from your wisdom, and getting a peak at what matters in your life.

To that end, consider this an open invitation to share with me how I can better support you:

  • Are there topics you’d like me to take on?
  • What do you let stop you from fully taking on life?
  • Where are you struggling?
  • What life tips could help you soar?

While I have lots of thoughts to share, I’d love to keep the conversation relevant to YOU to keep you on your empowered path.

Contact me by clicking here.

I’m here and I care.

Thanks for enriching my life.


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Joan Jakel

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