As I shared in my two previous posts, The Making of a Legend and Chronicling My Legend’s Journey, I’m in a nine month program to create my soul work, develop my art skills, create some programs and add some creative writing to the mix.  The following is an excerpt from another one of my chronicles which I wrote as I was creating my Legend painting. This excerpt shares some of what the Legend on the canvas wanting me to incorporate into her essence and how to deal with fear, my lifetime nemesis. I hope you enjoy a glimpse of my sacred journey.  Thanks for joining me.

As I face my legend on the canvas, she desired a veil representing the root chakra, the heart chakra and the crown chakra to visually remind me to stay connected to the centering power of mother earth, the love of the universe and the connection to my source.

AN image of my legend painting surrounded by red, green and white representing chakras
She requested a special piece of jewelry to connect with her third eye so that I can beautifully, lovingly and judgement-free see the world through Source’s eyes.

an image of eyes and nose of my legend

an image of a piece of jewelry on my legend's foreheard
As I connect with the canvas, I powerfully access my legendary self. I feel what’s possible.  I know my power and anchor to it.  I see more clearly the stories I’ve told myself and the excuses I’ve looked for to justify my actions. The spotlight shines brightly and exposes the critic and her wily ways.  She shrivels and scampers to the corner, fearing her demise.

A calm washes over me as certainty replaces doubt.  My Oracle and Ally are asking me to trust myself and step out of my ingrained patterns of fear and cut the tentacles of their bondage.  Fear is yet another illusion, a nightmare story created by a child and lived into over a lifetime.  It’s time to overwhelm fear with love and replace the dark with the light.

When I connect with my Oracle, when I paint my Legend, when I view my Legend, I access this internal knowing.  I cannot fool myself as I’m present to unproductive stories and outdated ways of being. With unfettered access to truth, I can reprogram my stories and rewire my circuitry to deliver empowering messages to myself to move confidently into my purpose; to be my legendary self.

While the critic has been hobbled, she is not eradicated neither is she fully converted by my muse.  When darkness falls and I disconnect from my legend and fail to call on my Oracle, the specter of fear sidles in the recesses of my mind and attempts to plant a stake.  I’m vigilant and see the traitor for what she is, yet my body betrays me with its response.

Each day is a new opportunity to connect more deeply, trust with conviction, chase away the illusions and integrate the spirit with the material.

Integration is a practice until it becomes a way of being.

An image of my legendary self and in the bottom left corner is an image of dog and the legend is wearing a turquoise earring

Joan Jakel

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