One of my all time favorite paintings is She Who Rises.  She was my final painting in the Color of Woman program.  Each of the paintings in the course took us through a very personal and sacred journey and this one was no different.  In this particular painting process, we explored our Soul Fire and the connection to the divine, the conscious, the subconscious, the unconscious and the collective unconscious. We explored integration of our whole being and the ability to access our inner wisdom.

As a driven, type A personality, my instinct is to push hard to accomplish more.  But I know that is not how it works.  The more I rush through life on my own accord, the less I access my true power; the harder life is to navigate and the less I am able accomplish that which is in alignment with my purpose.  When I slow down, surrender and settle into flow, this is when I tap into my inner wisdom and life unfolds with grace, ease and perfection.  I accomplish more in less time while living in the precious, present moment.  While I know this to be my truth, I still find myself fighting it when I fall into the trap of rushing and pushing.  I’m in constant practice  to surrender and trust. This stunning painting is my reminder.  Here’s a glimpse of how she unfolded over the weeks it took me to create her on a 36 x 48 inch canvas:

The beginning of the soulfire painting

An image of a large canvas with the beginnings of drawing before painting - a face, a heart and winged eye

The first layer of paint in red, yellow and orange added to the soulfire painting

More paint added to the soulfire in blue with geometric lines
Swirling paint in red, yellow, orange and blue on the canvas
The addition of swirls in shade of blue on the soulfire
The Soulfire painting is nearly covered in dark blue paint
Star dust peppered in the universe of the soulfire
An outline of a woman with flowing hair, a heart and a basket
The lady emerges - more outlines of a woman on the painting
Winged heart with an eye in the center
The lady in the Soulfire is taking on more color and features
An eye in the middle of the heart
A close up of the eye
The completed painting of a lady with flowing colorful hair with a heart with flames arising from it and an eye in the center of it and her right hand wrapped around a basketThis painting taught me much and she hangs on my wall as a daily reminder to slow down, surrender, and step into the flow of life because THIS is where all my answers lie.  When I finished her, she gave me the following message:

You have travelled a lifetime in the window of mere months. 

No longer lost, you’ve navigated the map of the soul fire to discover the seeds planted deep within, nourished on compost of discarded stories and blossoming into visionary possibilities.

The time has come to rise and be heard as you have found your authentic voice.  Your sacred center holds you in support of giving flight to your voice.  Your unearthed message resonates loud and true and those connected on your red thread await your arrival. 

You are here to lead.

You know the way.

Step into your greatness.

Own your vision.

Let your voice be heard.

Title: She Who Rises

Message: “Be Heard – Give flight to your voice”

Joan Jakel

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