Life Direction Assessment

Assessment & Consultation to Help You Create a Life You LOVE!
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Is it time to put more meaning in your life direction?

Are you not quite ready for coaching, but need some targeted, actionable assistance?

Are ready for coaching and want a sample of what’s possible?

Are you craving clarity and life direction?

Are you stuck in a rut and need help to get more out of your life?

Have you been living someone else’s dream and finally want to live your own?

Are afraid life is passing you by and you’re not living up to your potential?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, I have the perfect solution!

The Life Direction Assessment provides an immediate antidote to look at your life through the lens of soul-tapping possibility combined with expert guidance to get you on an immediate path of action with intention.


Seriously – Imagine the possibilities!

The Framework:

The Life Direction Assessment is an in-depth questionnaire that takes you on a journey to help you closely examine and explore your life.  Some of the areas include your:

  • vision
  • philosophy 
  • dreams
  • life engagement
  • habits 
  • goals
  • accomplishments
  • motivation
  • definition of success

And There’s More!

The Life Direction Assessment doesn’t leave any stone unturned since the top priority is making sure that YOU are looking at every important aspect of your life.  In light of that, the Assessment also guides you to take a close look at: 

  • meaningful work, career, business
  • finance and abundance
  • health, energy and vitality 
  • peace and groundedness
  • supportive community, friends and family
  • learning and growing
  • play and adventure
  • inspiring surroundings and physical environment
a woman whispering a secret about the Life Assessment

Can I let you in on a little secret?


The Life Direction Assessment is a powerful, powerful tool. However, the secret sauce that truly lands the results is the level of honesty, introspection and clarity that you tap into when completing it.

Without fail, every single one of my coaching clients have shared with me this Life Direction Assessment started changing their life simply by thoughtfully reflecting on every question and completing the entire assessment.

Before they had their first coaching session with me, they started connecting deeply with themselves and finding the clarity they had been desperately seeking.

Be prepared for more than a few “A Ha” moments!

Once you’ve thoughtfully completed the questionnaire, I will take you on a journey. We’ll look at life as you know it and explore the possibilities that light you up and align with your desires.

We’ll examine the distance between where you are, where you desire to go and what it will take to get there.

During the 90 minute consultation, I’ll work my magic and we’ll:

pinpoint where you are personally and professionally

define what truly matters to you

explore the direction you want your life to take

begin the vision of what’s possible

identify the gaps that have kept you from achieving it

determine your priorities

collaborate on actionable steps to intentionally move forward

By the conclusion of the Life Direction consultation…


I will also provide you with recommendations, a process or tool that you can immediately begin to use to capitalize on your clarity and take action on your priorities.

By the time we wrap our session, feelings of relief, gratitude, excitement and renewed possibility will flood over you.

No more waiting and wondering – you have direction.

“In the quiet dance of self-reflection, unwrap the wisdom of the past, stand in awe of your accomplishments and courageously design the next vibrant chapter.”

~ Joan Jakel

Are you ready to explore your life direction?

The Life Direction Assessment is a highly effective process that leads you to discover and define what you ultimately desire in your life.  This is a powerful first step that will encourage you to take the first brush stroke on the blank canvas of life using your unique skills and talents. A first step that is filled with possibilities as you:

Find Clarity & Direction

Feel Seen & Heard

Uncover New Perspectives & Possibilities

Experience Success as YOU Define It

Feel Energized & Excited

Tap Into YOUR Truth

At The End of the Life Direction Assessment…

a women sitting cross legged with her laptop on her lap and her arms in the air in victory with a smile on her face - she found her life direction!

Your Life Direction Results…

At the end of the 90 minute consultation, you will:


  • Gain clarity around your life direction
  • Begin the vision of what’s possible in your life
  • Identify the gaps that have kept you from achieving it
  • Discover 3 habits you need to develop to bring your vision to life
  • Identify the habits you need to eliminate to align with your vision
  • Define what success looks like to you
  • Pinpoint 3 changes to usher in your vision
  • Receive resources and recommendations based on your goals
  • Release your limitations
  • Experience a taste of freedom

How do I sign up?

It’s SUPER easy! Simply click the “Buy Now” button in the box to the left.  It will take you to PayPal to purchase the Life Direction Assessment.





Once you complete your purchase on PayPal, simply click the “RETURN TO MERCHANT” button provided on the payment confirmation page and you will be directed  to this website to instantly download the Life Assessment. Then, you and I will schedule the 90 minute consultation.

It’s that easy!

If you have any questions or need assistance, check out the FAQ’s below.  If you still need guidance, click here to contact me and ask your questions.




Why work with Me?

I have a proven track record. For 25 years, I’ve successfully coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to develop the mindset, create the structures, learn the skills and up-level their tools to design a life and business that exceeds their expectations.

Diversity of Experience

I am a personal development coach, a business attorney, a serial entrepreneur, an artist, a student of life, a dream chaser (and catcher), a believer in big, hairy audacious goals and a legend maker.


Extensive Training

I’ve invested countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and education over several decades to learn cutting edge processes and continually evolving resources. All of my programs were thoughtfully designed to comprehensively package a lifetime of learning to help you create breakthrough results.

Supportive Environment

I create a safe, nourishing and judgment-free environment to give you full permission and safety to show up and be real (and messy). I provide compassionate yet no BS support that gives you permission to be honest, vulnerable and, did I mention, messy,

I know the pain, overwhelm and soul-crushing loss from navigating a divorce.  The days when numbness consumes your body and the only thing you want to do is pull the covers over your head and hide. When you find yourself behind locked doors wracked in pain, unable to face the world and desperately wondering if you will ever feel joy again. (You will.)

I’ve dared to leave my safe, lucrative dream job to launch my own business and face the uncertainty, the unknown, the fear and crazy lifestyle of an entrepreneur. (After 25 years, I’ve never looked back.)

I’ve picked up and moved my life across the country, multiple times, to follow my inner guidance and live life by my adventurous standards pursuing my unique dreams. (I highly recommend following your unique path!)

I’ve massively transformed my business over the years to follow my purpose and passion. From

    • putting myself through law school,
    • to working at a law firm,
    • to leading the legal department of a corporation,
    • to setting up my own law firm,
    • to becoming an artist,
    • to becoming an intentional creativity teacher,
    • to having an art studio on the Napa River,
    • to leading retreats and experiences,
    • to becoming a transformative personal development coach combining my wisdom with my skills, gifts & passions.  (And I’m only just getting started!)

As a result of my life experiences, I’ve created powerful, results-driven coaching programs to help you create the life YOU love!

Life Coach Joan Jakel

Q & A…

What's Required to Participate?
  • A commitment to yourself that you deserve this sacred time.
  • A commitment to yourself that you will show up, be honest, courageous, vulnerable.
  • An open heart to guide you.
  • A willingness to be coached.
  • A burning desire to follow your own path
How quickly can I schedule the consultation?

Once you’ve paid for the Assessment, you will be directed to a web page to download the Life Direction Assessment. Then, Joan will reach out to schedule the consultation.  She requires the completed Assessment at least 48 hours before the consultation so she can prepare. 

How much time do I have to complete the questionnaire?

You can take as much time as you need to complete the Assessment.  Joan requires the completed Life Direction Assessment at least 48 hours prior to your consultation so she has time to prepare for the consultation.

How long will it take me to complete the questionnaire?

 Give yourself at least an hour and more if it’s necessary to fully answer all the questions.  It’s the quality of time that matters more than the quantity.  Thoughtful and thorough answers will lead to a more productive and impactful consultation which will lead to transformative guidance and results.  

Are there additional programs Joan offers? Yes!

Joan has a variety of coaching programs if you want to deep dive into your life and have personalized support,  guidance and accountability.  Information on her programs can be found here 👉  Coaching Programs

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