Art and Journals

A Creative Combination!

Grow Through What You Go Through… 

My art has been referred to as “Subliminal Coaching” given all the layers of messages, images, words, paint, paper, and objects, all designed to inspire, empower, encourage reflection and provide a space to voice it. Now, imagine all of this goodness on the cover of a journal!

Journals In The Wild…

Jack Smith

Jack Smith

Owner - Just Won Thing Performance Schoool

Now on my THIRD Journal, I’ve loved EVERY SINGLE PAGE!  Sometimes I find myself trying not to write as much so that the journal lasts longer! Instead, I just cut the cover off and frame it to continue to be inspired by the art!

Tonetta Weaver

Tonetta Weaver

Actress and Voice Over Talent

I have several of Joan’s journals & they all have a special purpose. The original journal that she made especially for me contains paper without lines giving me the freedom to use it for vision boarding or drawing. I have 4 other journals to capture my thoughts on life.

Stephanie M

Stephanie M

Inspired by the beautiful original art work of Joan Jakel on the cover, I love exploring the simple blessings of each day and capturing them in my journal. 

Kim Tarnopolski

Kim Tarnopolski

Chief Community Builder

Journal writing helps me become happier, creative, and more productive.  My journal helps me organize my thoughts and reflect on my goals and objectives.  I love using journals created by Joan Jakel because the covers are filled with inspiration.  They dare me to dream big, follow my instincts, and trust my crazy ideas. The journals fit in my purse, and I take them everywhere I go.

Joelle Prochera

Joelle Prochera

Coach Joelle

My Joan Jakel custom journal is my constant companion on my exhilarating journeys in my business and life. Just looking at it makes me happy and I love using it as my special place to flesh out big ideas or doodle life’s latest inspiration.

Carla England

Carla England

Your Resource Realtor

My goal is to add 3 things daily that I’m grateful for and write favorite quotes I come across. 

Anna LaBoy

Anna LaBoy

My journal inspires me to be brave in allowing me to write my most creative thoughts.

Laurie Morse

Laurie Morse

I need a journal to be beautiful and inspiring, flexible and fun. Joan’s journals are that and more. They make wonderful gifts too!

“Be brave enough to live creatively.  The creative is the place where no one else has ever been.  You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you will discover will be wonderful: Yourself.” 

~Alan Alda

Creativity is so much more than painting or drawing – it’s a connection to yourself at a deeper level, the level of wisdom and authentic power. Creativity has helped me discover my true self. It has also richly connected me with life and given me an innovative way to find answers to my business and personal questions.

During Covid, one of my Covid projects was to creatively figure out how to use my existing art in more impactful ways and have a bigger reach to inspire and delight.

As a certified Intentional Creativity teacher, I engaged in my own Intentional Creativity process to find the answer.  First, I dropped into my heart for guidance on how I could meaningfully use what I’d already created in new and different ways. Next, I accessed my creative right brain for options before tapping my left brain to analyze the options and add structure.  The amazing result:  become a self-published author on Amazon and create journals with my collage art on the cover. 

Through my Intentional Creativity process, I combined two of my loves –  collages and journaling.  My collage art is designed to empower, inspire and fuel the soul to passionately ignite exploration and self-discovery. What better way to capture the journey, discoveries and possibilities than in a journal!


The result – 24 journals with my art on the cover, all self-published on Amazon!

Look at these beautiful journal covers!

Scroll through each of them below

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So Let Me Ask You…

Do you love to journal, have a running to-do list you love checking off, or need a place to gather your thoughts?

Do you have discerning taste and don’t want just any notebook?  Of course you want a notebook that feels good, inspires you and beckons you to pick it up and use it!

Do you love giving unique gifts to the people in your life to make them squeal with delight?

Then my journals are the perfect treat just for you!

I’ve created 24 journals, each features a piece of my art on the cover.  The journals have 120 college ruled lined pages (60 sheets, front and back). The college lined pages are perfect for pens, pencils, markers, or whatever creative tool captures your reflections and desires.


The journals are a popular small size format, 6” x 9”, so they fit easily in your purse, backpack or bag.  They are ideal to capture those moments when inspiration strikes, you need a reminder to get out of your head and onto paper, create that to-do list on the fly – the possibilities are endless!

The cover is a soft matte finish that feels luxurious to the touch.

The journal is a perfect gift to yourself, for friends, family, clients, or that special person you want to encourage on the path of self-discovery. 

And the exciting news – you won’t break the bank for one of these treasures!  The journals are only $12.00!

Fabulous Gifts For:

  • Mother’s Day Gift
  • Graduation Gift
  • Father’s Day Gift
  • Thank You Gift
  • Housewarming Gift
  • Birthday Gift
  • Holiday Gift
  • Just Thinking of You thoughtful gift
Our words have energy. Select your words with intention to be a magnet for good

Also Great For:

  • Wine Tasting Notes
  • Fitness Journals
  • Yoga Journals
  • To Do List Notebooks
  • Recipe Notebooks
  • Travel Journals
  • Capturing brilliant ideas
  • Password Log
  • Reading Book Log
  • Gratitude Journal
A collage consisting of bold primary colors with the word "Dream" and phrase "Life is so good"

Are you new to journaling and need some inspiration?  I’ve created a page of Journal prompts to give you some inspiration and direction. 

Q & A…

Do you also create original art on hardcover journals?

Yes, I create custom artwork on journals and canvas. Please contact me to discuss commissioned work – click here to contact me.

How much are your journals?

All of the Amazon journals are under $15.00

How much is the shipping for the journals?

The Amazon journals qualify for Prime so if you are a Prime member, the shipping is free!  If you are not a Prime member, the shipping will vary based on your address.

Can I buy your journals if I live outside the United States?

Yes, my journals are shipped internationally through Amazon.

Support woman-owned small business!

Amazing value! High quality and affordable!

They are gorgeous and functional!

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