Happy Thanksgiving!  If you’re getting this at a time other than Thanksgiving – I’m very grateful for your presence today and everyday!

As I’m settling into a day to nourish my soul, reflect on the year and be in deep, deep gratitude for the extraordinary people in my life, I wanted to reach out to all of you and let you know how much you matter to me.

And to remind you that you are a difference maker in this beautiful world.

Thank you for joining me on this roller coaster journey of life. We’ve celebrated extraordinary successes and consoled one another during the darker times.

Through it all, we’ve been reminded that we are here to live into the moments. To trust our path and dig deep to embrace each moment as it shows up.

To be the light and let our gifts shine in a world that needs our brilliance.

My guiding light this year has been Thomas Rhett’s song, “Be a Light.” I turn to it for guidance daily. It’s my mantra. My lighthouse beacon. My roadmap. My compass. My North Star.

My belief in what’s possible.

My wish for you today comes from Thomas Rhett’s lyrics, (which you can thoroughly enjoy in the below video):

In a time full of war, be peace
In a time full of doubt, just believe
In a world full of hate, be a light
When you do someone wrong, make it right.
In a time full of noise, just listen.
In a place that needs change, make a difference.

Don’t hide in the dark – you were born to shine.

Wishing you a day filled with light!


Joan Jakel

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