Inspiring messages created with collage art to lead you down a personal development path

This is the collage cover I painted on my personal journal.  It started out as a project I was designing to teach students how to paint collage art on hard bound journals.  I fell in LOVE with the process and the end result.  The papers I used were from some of my favorite places in Napa, chocolate wrappers from favorite candy bar delights, jewelry that I’ve collected over the years – treasures from far and wide in one place to inspire me.

Well, since I created it last year, I’ve totally filled it in with messages, sketches, paintings, ponderings, musings, notes attached with washi tape and anything else I can think of.  It’s a wonderful project you can take on for yourself or to make a gift for someone special.

While each journal is a one of a kind journal, I create quality reproductions and transform the art into matted prints and cards.  My Etsy Shop has a full collection of matted prints and cards that are guaranteed to delight and inspire.  Stop by for a visit and check out what’s new!

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Joan Jakel

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