Goal Setting & Getting Workbook

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Unlock Your Potential with the Goal Setting Workbook

Are you ready to shatter limitations, unlock your potential and finally achieve your soul goals?

Are you ready to BECOME the person who KNOWS how to finally achieve what matters most in your life?

Are you ready to release what’s holding you back, redefine your relationships to ensure they support you and massively elevate your confidence in the process?

Then it’s time to say goodbye to aimless wandering and hello to your ultimate companion on the journey to achieve success with the Goal Setting & Getting Workbook.


In a world filled with distractions and noise, it’s easy to lose sight of our dreams. But what if I told you that within the pages of this workbook lies the key to transforming your aspirations into tangible realities?


Why Settle for Mediocrity When You Can Achieve Greatness?​!

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

💡 Clarity Beyond Measure: Define your dreams and goals with precision and clarity, paving the way for focused action and unstoppable momentum. 

🔥 Motivation That Lasts: Uncover the deep-rooted reasons behind your goals, igniting a fire within you that refuses to be extinguished.

📣 Accountability Redefined: Say goodbye to half-hearted commitments and hello to unwavering accountability as you track your progress towards success as YOU define it

💯 Confidence Amplified: Step into your power, own your worthiness and embrace the unstoppable confidence that comes from aligning your actions with your deepest desires and values.

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Discover the Power of Practical Wisdom in each Worksheet


The Workbook contains 19 comprehensive worksheets and exercises designed to explore, define and implement your goals while providing a roadmap to personal and professional fulfillment in achieving them, including:


  • Extraordinary Goal Setting Questions: 🌟 Dive deep into self-discovery and clarify your vision.
  • Creating SMART Goals: 🎯 Turn aspirations into actionable plans with precision.
  • Personal Goal Setting: 📝 Define and prioritize your personal aspirations, ensuring alignment with your values and dreams.
  • Business Goal Setting: 📈 Set clear and ambitious goals for your business, laying the foundation for long-term success.
  • Goals Motivator – Discover your Why: ❓❗ Uncover the driving force behind your goals with this powerful worksheet. By exploring your deepest motivations and desires, you’ll gain clarity and inspiration to fuel your journey towards success.
  • Goals Success Factors: 🔑 Identify the key factors that contribute to the success of your goals. From motivation, obstacles, goal levels and resources to effective execution, this worksheet will help you pinpoint the elements needed to achieve your objectives and envision your success.
  • Goals for the Year: 🏆 Identify clear and ambitious goals for the year ahead with this worksheet, including ranking the importance and key benefits.
  • Goals for the Quarter: 📅 Break down your annual business goals into manageable quarterly targets to identify key actions, maximizing efficiency and focus.
  • Monthly Action Tracker: 📊 Stay on track with your SMART goals by tracking your progress and adjusting your actions as needed on a monthly basis.
  • Weekly Success Planner: 📅 Plan your week with intention, scheduling priorities and activities that bring you closer to your goals, eliminate obstacles, distractions and interruptions and review your week for progress and development.  GET A FREE DOWNLOAD OF THIS PLANNER BELOW! 👇👇👇
  • Action/Priority Matrix – Productivity Exercise: ⚡ Identify high-priority projects, quick wins and filler tasks while eliminating distractions to boost productivity, efficiency and enjoyment!
  • Weekly & Daily To-Do List: ✅ Stay organized and focused with structured to-do lists, including key SMART weekly actions, quick wins and filler tasks from the Action Priority Matrix, delegation reminders, personal tasks and a place to capture future ideas, all designed to ensure that you make the most of each day.
  • The Not To-Do List: ❌ Identify and eliminate distractions that drain your time and energy or sabotage you and replace them with more productive activities that align with achieving your goals and maximize your success.
  • Daily Success Habits Tool: 🌱 Cultivate success habits that support your goals, minimize your stress and focus on your priorities both personally and professionally.
  • Daily Gratitude Journal: 🙏 Cultivate positivity and gratitude by reflecting daily on the things you’re thankful for, the progress you made, the successes you achieved, what you learned, and much more, all designed to develop an empowered mindset.
  • Intentionally Create Your Relationships: 👫 Nurture meaningful connections and build a supportive network that empowers you to thrive while creating boundaries to minimize and eliminate negative, unsupportive relationships.
  • What Do I Need to Release? Letting Go Exercise: 🎈 Identify and release limiting beliefs, fears, and grudges that hold you back from reaching your full potential.
  • Role Model Confidence Boost: 💪 Gain inspiration and confidence from the achievements and qualities of role models, empowering you to identify and step into your own greatness.
  • Be the Person Who Achieves the Goal: 🚀 This is the goal achieving secret sauce! Learn how to step into the identity of someone who has already achieved your desired goal so you can accelerate your progress and embodying success from within.


Unlock Success on Your Terms

Embrace success in a way that’s meaningful to you. This workbook empowers you to define and embody success on your own terms, ensuring that every milestone you achieve aligns with your unique vision of a fulfilling life.

Upgrade Your Beliefs, Upgrade Your Life

Discover the power of upgrading your beliefs to support your goals. Let go of limiting beliefs and embrace a mindset of abundance and possibility, opening the door to unlimited potential and unprecedented success.

Celebrate Your Journey

Every step forward is a victory worth celebrating.  You’ll learn to acknowledge and celebrate all of your big and small successes along the way, fueling your motivation and propelling you towards even greater heights.

A woman celebrating the benefits of an empowerment coach helping her reach her goals
A woman celebrating the benefits of an empowerment coach helping her reach her goals

Sample Worksheet – Weekly Success Planner


👈 Ready for a sneak peak? 

The Weekly Success Planner is a 2 page planner that gives you the space and place to reflect on:

  • Top 3 Priorities for the week
  • Quarterly goal action item
  • Identify and Resolve an Obstacle getting in the way
  • Pick an item to wrap up this week
  • Important dates to remember
  • Distractions to be aware of for the week
  • Self Care Action Item
  • Long term goal action item
  • Identify Productivity Accelerators
  • Week in review to address progress, accomplishment, lessons, gratitude and more

Check it out in advance of buying. 

You can download your complimentary copy by clicking 👉 Weekly Success Planner 2024


A discovery guide to the values that define you cover with a cairn in the foreground and lake in the background



But wait!  There’s more! 😉


As a special bonus, you’ll also receive my Discovery Guide to the Values that Define You  absolutely free. This Guide will walk you through a mini values discovery workshop, the same process I use with all of my coaching clients. You will discover:

  your top 6 values,

what each value specifically means to you,

make each value actionable, and

turn your values into a mission statement.

Your values will serve as a roadmap to help you align your goals with what truly matters to you, ensuring that every step you take is in harmony with your authentic life. 


Who Can Benefit from This Workbook?


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a dedicated professional, or simply someone hungry for personal growth and development, this Workbook is your ticket to purposefully designing your goals, your life and your vision.

No matter where you are on your journey, these goal setting strategies, personal development tools and empowerment exercises will give you the tools and belief system to turn those dreams into reality.

Setting goals with a notebook, candles and coffee ready to step into personal development for the year

“In the quiet dance of self-reflection, unwrap the wisdom of the past, stand in awe of your accomplishments and courageously design the next vibrant chapter.”

~ Joan Jakel

Ready to start setting your goals?


The Goal Setting and Getting Workbook is yours for $49.00!


For just $49, you’ll gain instant access to the digital versions of both the Goal Setting & Getting Workbook and A Discovery Guide to the Values that Define You, complete with fillable PDFs for seamless electronic use or easy printing if you prefer pen and paper.

How do I sign up?

Simply click the “Buy Now” button in the box to the leftIt will take you to PayPal to purchase the Workbook.


Once you complete your purchase on PayPal, simply click the “RETURN TO MERCHANT” button provided on the payment confirmation page and you will be directed back to this website to instantly download the Workbook and Guide.

It’s that easy!

If you have any questions or need assistance, check out the FAQ’s below.  If you still need guidance, click HERE to contact me and ask your questions.


Why work with Me?

I have a proven track record. For 25 years, I’ve successfully coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to develop the mindset, create the structures, learn the skills and up-level their tools to design a life and business that exceeds their expectations.

Diversity of Experience

I am a personal development coach, a business attorney, a serial entrepreneur, an artist, a student of life, a dream chaser (and catcher), a believer in big, hairy audacious goals and a legend maker.


Extensive Training

I’ve invested countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and education over several decades to learn cutting edge processes and continually evolving resources. All of my programs were thoughtfully designed to comprehensively package a lifetime of learning to help you create breakthrough results.

Supportive Environment

I create a safe, nourishing and judgment-free environment to give you full permission and safety to show up and be real (and messy). I provide compassionate yet no BS support that gives you permission to be honest, vulnerable and, did I mention, messy,

I know the pain, overwhelm and soul-crushing loss from navigating a divorce.  The days when numbness consumes your body and the only thing you want to do is pull the covers over your head and hide. When you find yourself behind locked doors wracked in pain, unable to face the world and desperately wondering if you will ever feel joy again. (You will.)

I’ve dared to leave my safe, lucrative dream job to launch my own business and face the uncertainty, the unknown, the fear and crazy lifestyle of an entrepreneur. (After 25 years, I’ve never looked back.)

I’ve picked up and moved my life across the country, multiple times, to follow my inner guidance and live life by my adventurous standards pursuing my unique dreams. (I highly recommend following your unique path!)

I’ve massively transformed my business over the years to follow my purpose and passion. From

    • putting myself through law school,
    • to working at a law firm,
    • to leading the legal department of a corporation,
    • to setting up my own law firm,
    • to becoming an artist,
    • to becoming an intentional creativity teacher,
    • to having an art studio on the Napa River,
    • to leading retreats and experiences,
    • to becoming a transformative personal development coach combining my wisdom with my skills, gifts & passions.  (And I’m only just getting started!)

As a result of my life experiences, I’ve created powerful, results-driven coaching programs to help you create the life YOU love!

Life Coach Joan Jakel


How do I get the Workbook and Values Guide?
Once you click the Buy Now button, you will be taken to PayPal to purchase the Workbook.  Once you complete payment, you will be provided a link to return to this website where you can download both the Goal Setting & Getting Workbook and the Values Discovery Guide.  Both the Workbook and the Guide are fillable pdf’s.  You can download them and save them to your computer.

How do I pay for the Workbook?
You can pay for the Workbook using PayPal. Simply click on the “Buy Now” link which will take you out to PayPal where you can complete the purchase.

Can I use the Workbook electronically or do I have to print it?
Both the Goal’s Workbook and the Value’s Discovery Guide are fillable pdf’s.  They were designed to be user friendly.  You can complete both of them electronically and insert your answers directly in the Workbook and Guide.  If you prefer, you can print them and use pen, markers or your favorite writing instrument.

Does Joan offer other programs? YES!
She has coaching programs and a comprehensive Life Direction Assessment if you want to deep dive into your life and have personalized support and guidance.  This website provides comprehensive information on her programs.

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