inspiring phrases to help keep a positive mindset

I’m a firm believer of surrounding myself with inspiration, words and phrases that help me stay on my desired path as I pursue my goals.  In my lifetime, I’ve chased after some big dreams and this was the way I caught them.  It’s with this philosophy that I create many of my collages. 

In the last year, I started creating collages on hardbound journal covers so you can enjoy original, inspiring art on the outside as you fill the pages on the inside with all that you hold near and dear.   This is one of the journals I created as a gift.   While each journal is a one of a kind journal, I create quality reproductions and transform the art into matted prints and cards.  My Etsy Shop has a full collection of matted prints and cards that are guaranteed to delight and inspire.  Stop by for a visit and check out what’s new!

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