Do you have an unwavering commitment to your deeply held vision, dream or goal, or do you tend to crumble when the going gets tough?

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  There’s one thing you can develop that will make all the difference between reaching your goals or watching your cookie crumble:   an empowered mindset.

Your mindset is made up of a set of beliefs that shape your experience of life.

It’s all those thoughts and beliefs swirling around in your mind that drive your actions.

Ultimately, your life is created by what you choose to believe.  Your mindset is also the driving force to bring life to your vision, dreams and goals.

the first step in your journey is your mindset

Let me share an example of what a positive, focused, empowered mindset looks like in the real world.

Florian Zeller co-wrote and directed the movie “The Father” which won Oscars for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Actor for Anthony Hopkins.  In interviews and in his acceptance speech, Zeller repeatedly said he specifically wrote this movie with the singular vision for Anthony Hopkins to play the title role.  He said he had a deep knowing that he had to write it for him and he never let go of his vision that Hopkins would say yes and play the lead.  For a full flavor of his dream and mindset in his own words, check out this clip of his interview with Stephen Colbert

Here’s the kicker – Zeller did not know Hopkins.  What  Zeller did have was a deeply held belief that he was meant to write this screenplay and Hopkins was meant to play the lead role.

Zeller didn’t focus on all the reasons it wouldn’t work or why Hopkins would say “No.”  In fact,  there was plenty of room for doubt as he had to translate the existing play to a screenplay, translate it from French to English, he lived outside the United States, very real concerns if audiences would want to watch a deep movie addressing dementia and an incredibly modest budget.

But he did not focus on any of these realities that most people would consider “obstacles.”  No, he focused on his inner calling – his knowing that he must create this work for Hopkins to play the title role. 

He chose to believe in his dream, stay focused on it, take the chance on it and live into it by taking action in alignment with his strongly held beliefs.

He had an empowered mindset.

So, how many of you are catching yourself say: “Yea, well that’s great it worked for him, but it would never work for me!”   Well, you’re right – if that’s what you believe.  Fortunately, we can change our beliefs and our mindset to follow Zeller’s lead and achieve our desired results.

Our belief system that makes up our mindset is the most important indicator of successfully achieving our goals.

We create self-fulfilling prophesies aligned with our belief systems
.  For instance, if I have a big goal, but I don’t believe it’s really possible to achieve it, I’m likely to give a half-hearted attempt, find all the reasons that it won’t work and throw in the towel when the going gets tough.  My gloating mind would celebrate the hollow victory by declaring, “See!! I knew it wouldn’t work!”  This is definitely not the type of “victory” I want in my life – how about you?

Bottom line: If you don’t believe you can do it, you won’t make the effort to prove yourself wrong.

We literally live into our belief system.  So why not build the best belief system possible to support you, your goals and your life?  If you need a little help creating an empowered mindset, I made it easy for you to start – check out 3 Steps to Create an Empowered Mindset to Change your Life and download the worksheet to get started.

We have a choice in what we believe.

No matter where you are starting from, in any moment, you can choose to cultivate an empowered mindset and generate a powerfully supportive belief system to  propel your actions and guide your steps in the direction of achieving your goals. It takes practice, commitment and desire until it becomes a way of life.

When you have the conviction of your beliefs guiding the process, you can focus on the end result with laser focus. Obstacles become opportunities to pave the way to achieve your goals.

Here’s the exciting news – you’re no different than Zeller!

Zeller chose to believe in the stirrings in his heart.  He listened to both his desires and inner wisdom.  Not only was he relentless in his beliefs, he was consistent in taking action in support of them.  He aligned with people who believed in his vision and could help bring it to fruition.  Zeller focused on the end result he wanted to achieve rather than what could be defined as daunting obstacles that stood in his path.

The end result? Within five minutes of meeting with Sir Anthony Hopkins, he enthusiastically agreed to play the lead role.

The next end result?  Winning two Oscars!

Imagine if he gave up because he never thought he stood a chance of getting the great Sir Anthony Hopkins to take the role in his creation.  If he thought: “Why would Anthony Hopkins, with his lifetime of accolades, ever want to work with me? How can I create a worthwhile script he’d believe in?”

It’s not too hard to figure out the results from this dis-empowered mindset – the movie wouldn’t have seen the light of day, Sir Anthony Hopkins wouldn’t have played the role, 2 Oscars would go unearned, his inherent gifts would not be shared with the world, audiences would not be impacted and, very likely, a lifetime of regret and wondering, “What if…”  Ouch.

Does this sound familiar?  Do you find yourself making justifiable excuses for not taking action on what matters in your life?  We all do it over time – we’re human.  However, I want you to really hear me when I tell you:


You have something to share with the world and the world needs your gifts, talents and unique perspective.

You’re a one-of-a-kind and someone out there is waiting for what you have to share. So stop finding the easy excuses and start creating the empowered mindset that propels you forward no matter what is happening around you.

lady drinking tea and journalingIt’s time to grab your journal.

First, select one of your dreams or goals.

Second, create a list of all the reasons why your dream matters, why it’s important for you to honor it, breathe life into it and share it.

Then, focus on the outcome you desire for your dream.  When you achieve your desired outcome:

How will it look, feel, smell?

What will it sound like?

What form it will take?

Who will be impacted by it and how will they respond when impacted?

Who will you call to share your success and what will you say? How will they respond?

How will you celebrate your success?  

HINT: The more sensory you can make this experience, the better you can anchor in to what’s possible.

When doubts start to pop in and your mind try to take you out of the game as you go after your goals,  go back to the results of this exercise to remind yourself of what truly matters and why.  Visualize your success and the outcome you desire. Keep fine tuning your mindset and belief systems to support both your vision and confidence in yourself.

Your gifts matter.  You matter.  Collectively, we all matter.

Here’s to your empowered mindset!

In love and support,


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Carpe Diem!

Joan Jakel

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