Welcome to day 3 of the 30 day challenge to be inspired by creativity to more fully step into your life.  This challenge stems from the Love Glasses Revolution and their movement to help all people find the good and hopeful in life and in themselves and to create a belief system where each of us has the power to change the world.  My desire is to share my art and its story to encourage you to find your passion, follow your dreams, live your best life and leave the world a little better in the process.  Ready?

Today’s art is another one of my absolute favorite collages – Believe and Let the Magic Unfold.

this is a photo of a collage titled "Believe and let the magic unfold." It is in bold jewel tones and has the words "believe" "inspire" and statements "let the magic unfold and "Take a journey."

Very often, when I start a piece of art, I do not have a vision of how it will end – no idea at all.  For instance, this bright, bold, fascinating collage started with 3 pages from a 1904 book on the life of the great artist Titian:

a photo of 3 pages from a book collaged onto a canvas as the first layer of a collage

When I first started creating collages, the lack of apparent direction was very uncomfortable for me.  Doubts would fill my mind and I would wonder if I could really do it. What if I was lucky with the other collages and I couldn’t create another one that I liked? What would be revealed? Would it be ugly?  There was a lot of unproductive mind chatter as I doubted, or more appropriately, didn’t understand my process.

So here’s what I had to learn and learn early.  The first, and most, important aspect of being a dream follower is to develop a supportive mindset. What you feed your mind is what shows up in your life. Believe in yourself. Trust that if you do the work and keep applying yourself and keep learning, you’ll grow and your dream will develop.

a photo showing the second layer of a collage being created  

The second thing I had to learn was to trust my own process.  I discovered that I create intuitively and I’m drawn to the paper, the words, the paints – all the items that want to appear in the particular piece.  I learned to enjoy the process and delight in letting the magic unfold so I could embrace the project with a child like wonder of what would show up next.  Imagine what you can create from that space of freedom rather than fear?  Where could you let go of your fears and trust the process?

a collage in the works and this shot shows many layers of paints and papers that have been applied to the piece

I learned to believe in myself  and without fail, when I exercised this faith, the magic most uncertainly would unfold. That newfound knowledge was an inspiration.  As you can see, all of my lessons were showing up in my collage!  Pay attention to your life and be open to what it will reveal to you – the answers you seek are always close at hand. We generally are not paying attention to notice.

a segment in a collage that states "Believe"

a portion of a collage that says "Inspire"

a portion of a collage that states take a journey

Finally, keep those things that inspire you close at hand as you are figuring out your process, working on eliminating unproductive mind chatter and replacing it with nourishing thoughts. Create a sacred place, an altar, a space on your desk, an area on your wall – any where you can regularly have the reminders of what’s important to keep you on your path. Here’s one of mine:

a photo of a candle, an ohm box, rocks, a rose, a "dream" rock, a matted print of an inspiring collage

Enjoy your journey, believe in yourself, seek inspiration and allow the magic to unfold!

I’d love to hear from you to see how you are stepping into your dreams, the issues you’ve encountered and how you are dealing with them.  Drop me a note below or come visit my Facebook page.