Welcome to day 17 of the 30 day challenge to be inspired by creativity to more fully step into your life.  This challenge stems from the Love Glasses Revolution and their movement to help all people find the good and hopeful in life and in themselves and to create a belief system where each of us has the power to change the world.  Today is a great day to simply Celebrate Everything!

A very colorful collage in primary colors and in the center it states "Celebrate Everything!"

Too often, we wait to celebrate for big events – holidays, birthdays, New Year’s Eve, etc.  We forget to celebrate the little things that appear in life every day.  There are so many opportunities to celebrate all around us.  For starters, we are alive today – that’s worthy of celebration!  A smile from a stranger, the adoring affection from your pet, a quicker route to your destination, a found penny on the street, a good book to read, a chocolate chip cookie, the adoration of a child, friend, lover – the list goes on and on. 

Don’t save your celebrations for the big ones – find an opportunity to celebrate every day.  Here’s the magic that results from celebrating the little things – it will usher in the bigger things to celebrate!  What we give our energy to, and focus on, expands. If you find yourself in regular celebration, you will receive more and more opportunities to celebrate.  And it costs you nothing while giving you a huge dose of daily joy. 

Try it on and share in a comment below what you celebrated today!

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Joan Jakel

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