Are you sharing yourself authentically with the world, or do you hold back, perhaps self-monitor, and put on a facade based on your environment?  I lived behind a facade for years until I figured out who was really behind it – who I was at my core.  I spent a lot of years being what people expected of me until I got lost.  I confused my identity with the roles I served, which took me further away from my path of authenticity.  It took a real hardship in my life, a divorce, for me to take a serious look at the “real” me.  What I discovered was I had many layers to peel back to find the authentic me and share her with the world.

It took a lot of work, courage, dedication and introspection to reconnect to my authentic self.  It was scary to release my attachment to the roles that defined me and gave me credibility – the lenses through which I allowed others to see me.  However, it wasn’t fair to me and it wasn’t fair to the people in my life for me to sensor myself in that way.  I desired real connection to myself and my community.  The only way to genuinely connect in a soulfully rich way is through authenticity.  The path to authenticity involves  acceptance, forgiveness and love – of myself and others.  This winning formula set me free and allowed me to fully stand in my power, love the person I’ve become and wholeheartedly embrace the people in my life.  My relationships deepened, my work become more rewarding and life blossomed.

Dare to be yourself! There are too many cheap imitations out there – let the world see the real you. Have the courage to unveil the real you. Let go of the facades and being the person you “should be” to be the person you desire to be – your authentic, self-expressed self.

I created this piece of art to encourage you to show up, as the real you, every day.  Share your unique skills and talents and really own them.  You were put on this earth to share your gifts and talents as only you can do it.  Dare to do it!


figure segment

dare to be yourself segment


unveil the real you card

unveil the real you matted