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Megan is an entrepreneur in her sixties who has owned businesses for 24 years. Early in her career, she worked for large corporations where she discovered she had a passion to own her own business. She wanted to take control of her own career without the constraints of an inflexible corporate structure. Always an achiever, an artist and an outlier in conventional terms, she found business ownership to be a great fit for her varied interests and personality. She loves guiding the business vision, collaborating with her smart team and helping companies and clients identify and fulfill their mission and purpose.

Megan faced several tragedy-filled years that left her looking for answers. Her mom died right before the Covid pandemic, somewhat unexpectedly, of pneumonia. Then, the pandemic hit and delivered another harsh blow when her business lost several significant legacy business clients. Rounding out a trifecta of catastrophes, her sister died from the devastating disease Lewy Body Dementia.

These three years took a significant toll on Megan – personally and professionally. When she met me, she was at a crossroad in her life. She felt stuck, lost and didn’t know how to productively move forward to get her life and business back on track. She was in unchartered territory and feeling its pressure. Her business needed her attention. Her life needed attention. She recognized she needed help to expand her leadership skills to find a new path to success.

Although Megan had gone through therapy for a short time earlier in her life, she didn’t have direct experience with a business or life coach. She was introduced to me through a mutual business associate, and we had an instant connection. Although Megan was pretty sure she was ready to take the leap into coaching, she hesitated and procrastinated moving forward because of her overwhelm. She just wasn’t sure if she could take on one more thing, even if that very thing was the life preserver that she longed for and needed. In her mind, she didn’t want to jump in unless she was completely prepared to do the work and change. She ultimately reached for the life preserver.

Megan Devine Owner & Chief Strategist cat&tonic, a creative, branding and marketing agency. empowerment coaching client

When she understood and embraced her unique process and then aligned her days around it, she and her productivity thrived.


Megan and I had an immediate connection, and I could tell she was ready to do whatever it would take to find her way back to herself and take her leadership to the next level. As is often the case, Megan really wanted me to give her a road map and an action plan that she could execute that would lead to success. However, success always starts on the inside.

We started the journey with an in-depth life assessment to take a comprehensive look at all aspects of her life, including her habits, goals, dreams, vision, motivations, definition of success, finance and abundance, healthy, energy, vitality, peace, groundedness, support system, environment, and much more. Then, I provided Megan with a safe and supportive environment where she could show up vulnerably and honestly as we engaged in deep conversation and exploration of her life. The coaching process included targeted questions, deep listening and a variety of processes, techniques and assignments based on her needs.

A true entrepreneur, Megan is an unstructured thinker. She is filled with fluid ideas, is constantly thinking and has the remarkable ability to analyze complex problems to find elegant, simple, creative solutions. She thought she needed tools to provide structure to her days since she constantly struggled to find the “right” structure for her. What she really needed was an understanding and acceptance of her unique process rather than trying to conform to someone else’s structures that simply didn’t work for her. When she understood and embraced her unique process and then aligned her days around it, she and her productivity thrived.

After surviving three traumatic years, the toll on Megan’s physical, mental and emotional health was significant. As we began addressing each component, she started to recognize her unhealthy patterns and conditioning, including: intellectualizing her emotions and stuffing them away rather than addressing them and the corresponding impact on her quality of health; old conditioning that led to lack of trust of herself; circumstances where she regularly gave away her power rather than stand in it; a sneaking, nagging feeling of unworthiness, and an expectation of ongoing negative and challenging circumstances growing from the grips of fear that ultimately resulted in a fearful culture in the business. As we peeled away each layer, we found the core of each issue so we could fully address it.

Megan learned healthy ways to recognize her emotions and process them so they stopped hijacking her. She had been living with anxiety for years. She learned techniques that, with practice, eliminated the anxiety and immediately managed it when it popped up. Her physical health improved as she balanced her emotional states.

She became a student of mindset. She discovered hers was cluttered with harsh judgment of herself, her life, her body and her business, despite the significant personal and professional successes she had created throughout her life. With the newfound awareness of all the negative thoughts running rampant through her mind, we could separate fact from fiction and cultivate an empowered, supportive mindset she could lean into each day.

Through our conversations, exploration and guided processes, she discovered the source of many of her old stories and conditioning which allowed her to release what didn’t serve her and learn how to reframe the others to align with her truth and values. She took her power back and learned how to trust herself. As a result, she threw away her facades and stepped into authenticity in all areas of her life – in communication, leadership, business and relationships.

Ultimately, Megan discovered and re-created herself. She found deep acceptance and love for herself for the first time in her life. She finally “took off her mask” to show up genuinely, authentically and powerfully in every area of her life. She began confidently leading her organization and shifted the fearful company culture to one filled with possibilities and excitement for the future they were creating together. A future of impact and excellence in serving their clients.


Megan described our work together as “life changing” after the first three months. She was committed to the growth and development of herself, her team and her business, so she continued to work with me for more than a year.

Megan’s authentic leadership has given her a newfound sense of freedom and wholeness. She has taken her skills and talents to a new level which is impacting her clients and her team in profound ways. Her empowered presence creates a ripple in her market that amplifies the impact of both her organization and her clients’ organizations.
Now, her friends and colleagues remark that she looks and sounds like a new person – she agrees. She is vibrant, healthy and happy. Her relationships are thriving.

Megan and I continue to work together as her vision has evolved. She embraces our time together to gain further clarity, insights, find new ways of looking at and experiencing life and business all in a  supportive environment deeply committed to her success. Her ability to amplify her influence and impact is one of her driving forces to make a real difference in the world.

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