Client Stories

Everyone comes to coaching for their own unique and personal reasons. These are just a few success stories of clients whose lives and businesses have been transformed through the work we’ve done together.

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Reframing for success

A trifecta of tragedies left Megan feeling lost, and she needed a roadmap for moving herself and her business forward. Her tendencies to bury her emotions rather than address them and give away her power rather than stand in it were holding her back.

Finding worthiness

Commitment was difficult for Danette. As a dreamer and a striver, she lived with a “one foot out the door” mindset, always looking for deeper fulfillment in her life and career. But she was letting her past circumstances hold her back from her dreams.

Learning to be

On a quest to better understand her mind and emotions after getting her depression under control, Beth discovered that the old stories, conditioning, and rules she’d imposed on herself were no longer serving her. She needed a new way to show up in the world.

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