We are Wild-Hearted Women

We are born to Love!

We choose to be fully self-expressed beings

in this rodeo of the soul!

With our bare feet on the red earth,

our heads in the stars and

our hearts on our sleeves.

The above quote is an excerpt from the Cosmic Cowgirls Creed by Maestra Shiloh Sophia, a powerful and extraordinary teacher, philosopher of life, way-shower, igniter, worldwide gatherer of women, artist, healer, poet and student of life.

It seemed appropriate to kick off this post with Shiloh’s description of who we are celebrating this month – Wild-Hearted Women!

March is Women’s History Month, which means it’s time to celebrate women and their contributions to history, culture and society.  I’ll kick off the celebration!

I am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by an AMAZING tribe of EXTRAORDINARY women.  Women who have forged their unique path – they chose the road less traveled and created the road map for those who dared to follow them.

These Wild-Hearted Women are entrepreneurs, community leaders, business leaders, philanthropists, teachers, moms, mentors, artisans, travelers, seekers, activists, innovators, peacemakers, visionaries, rebels, thinkers and bad ass mavericks.

If I have a need, they fill it.

If I fall down, they pick me up, dust me off and scoot me back out to try again.

If I have a victory, they throw a party to celebrate.

If I have a loss, they wrap me up to help me heal.

If I have doubts, they remind me who I am – a Wild-Hearted Woman.

If I have a cause to promote, they back it.

While the above barely scratches the surface of their contributions,  I believe these women should be celebrated each day, every day, all year!  However, this month I will especially celebrate Wild-Hearted Women everywhere and ask that you join me in the celebration.

Reach out to the women in your life and meaningfully share with them what they mean to you, how they’ve impacted your life and how grateful you are for their contributions. Send a note, make a call, surprise them with a treat, show them what it means to be cherished for their contributions.

The completed painting of a lady with flowing colorful hair with a heart with flames arising from it and an eye in the center of it and her right hand wrapped around a basketI created this  Wild-Hearted Woman during a year long, transformational program – Color of Women – taught by Shiloh Sophia.  The painting process (documented from start to finish in this Blog Post) taught me to Step into my greatness, Own my vision and Let my voice be heard.

In the same vein, let’s remind our sisters, our daughters, our mothers, our partners, our besties that we are here to stand tall, own our voice, live by our self-defined standards and NO ONE ELSE’S.

Let’s listen to love and turn a deaf ear to hate.

Let’s celebrate our freedom and take a stand to help others find theirs.

Let’s commit to making no excuses while taking radical responsibility for our own life.

Let’s dare to dream and believe in our ability to bring it to fruition.

Let’s embrace challenges, face them head on and commit to learn from them.

Let’s seek to understand.

And by all means, let’s agree to NEVER give up.

In celebration of Wild-Hearted Women Everywhere!


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Carpe Diem!

Joan Jakel

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