I love this time of year to share with my entire tribe my appreciation, love and respect for all of you.  We fill our time managing our to-do lists, meeting obligations, caring for family, working in our professions and trying to make an impact where we can fit in. Today is the day to surrender to love. To share from your heart and receive with gratitude. Make today about the small gestures.

Smile at a stranger.

Slow down and breathe deeply.

Take a walk and genuinely look at the scenery all around you. 

Call a friend out of the blue.

Give someone a hug.

Say a prayer for peace.

Meditate for a moment to soothe your overworked mind.

Send a hand-written note

Find miracles all around you.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.  I appreciate the support you’ve generously given me over the years and the love that you consistently send my way.  Today I return it to you in abundance.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

a pink background with a purple oulined heart in the center with a bow on top and a cut out of a heart cut from an old book in the center and dotted lavender drops around the purple heart






Joan Jakel

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