Too often, we fear the unknown while in reality, the best experiences in life come from the unexpected. Rather than worrying about the unknown, why not choose to look at life with the curiosity of a child. Learn to embrace the unexpected and allow it to guide you to unplanned delights. I created this collage to provide a colorful reminder to play in the unknown.  Join me?

This is an 8x10 collage that states "Embrace the Unexpected" and "Curiosity" in plum, violet, orange, cream and burgundy colors with a hanging pendant that says "Live" in it. There are 2 buttons in the lower right corner - one pink and one purple.

Embrace the Unexpected 8×10 mixed medium collage


embrace the unexpeced segment from a collage

An Excellent Mantra…


A hanging pendant with the word "live" inscribed in a silver oval penant

An ornate reminder to live into each moment

a blank greeting card with the reproduced art "Embrace the Unexpected" on the cover

An inspiring greeting card created from the collage


Joan Jakel

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