On Friday, I decided to run a ‘FunFriday’ promotion of my Etsy site and I offered a 25% off coupon for the day.  I reached out to my tribe and asked if they’d promote it and I put the offer on Facebook and Twitter.  I was truly blown away by all the amazing support I received from my amazing friends.  They didn’t simply share my post, they added their commentary about my art and its impact.  It was truly rewarding to read the beautiful and thoughtful tributes to my creative process.  Sometimes it’s the unexpected consequences that have the bigger impact than the originating request.  This was one of those times.

As a thank you for all the people who shared my post with their communities, left comments and “likes,” took the time to check out my Etsy Shop and “Favorite” my shop and various pieces of art, who bought art that spoke to them and provided me with encouraging support and feed back, I want to give you an extra special THANK YOU!  I created an art journal page that you can download and use to creatively capture your thoughts and include in your journal.  Simply download and print the art journal page and it’s yours to enjoy.

Download Art Journal Page Here: Art Journal Sassy Page

Thanks for being part of my journey!

Carpe Diem!

Thank you II collage