There is tremendous movement on our planet that is beckoning us to step more powerfully into our lives and shine our light brighter in the world.


Some feel it, recognize the calling and are ready to curiously follow a new path as the natural evolution of their lives.

Others feel it, and don’t understand the vortex of energy that feels like a hurricane ravaging their once comfortable existence and demanding change. They feel the disruptive energy, a stirring within, and need some guidance to help them along the transformative path.

They can sense the change on the horizon, but may greet it with trepidation, seeking a non-existent guaranty that what awaits is better than what exists now. Yet they know they must look.

For those of you who feel the energy of change and believe that you have more within you than you are currently accessing, this is your time to meaningfully explore.

You know you have gifts, talents and wisdom to share, yet you are settling for life as you know it.

While this has appeared to work for you in the past, it no longer serves you.

You feel the instinctual call to rise above the ordinary to step into the extraordinary.

“How dare I be so bold to answer?” you ask.

How dare you be so numbed to not answer?

This is your life.

Your divine gift.

You don’t get any do-overs.

You have the innate right to be all that you were created to be. And only you can declare it and live into it.

Perhaps the excuses and justifications worked for you in the past, but this time is different.

This time, you know it’s YOUR time.

You ARE ready to answer the call.

The key is to trust your heart to move where your unique talents can flourish. This old world will really spin when work becomes a joyous expression of the soul.”  Al Sacharov

Life’s a journey of one small step in front of the other. You don’t need all the answers now, you just need to trust yourself and the process.  You have all the wisdom you need within you, you just need to learn how to access it.

Finally, and importantly, to get the most out of your life, you must be willing to get uncomfortable.

Kurt Russell, the 2022 National Teacher of the Year from Oberlin High in Ohio teaches his students to “Confront the Uncomfortable.”

Stand in the discomfort and let it teach you. It has lessons. It won’t defeat you.  It is actually here for your highest good. It is your teacher.

It’s your time, my friend.  Take it.

“Reach out and open the door that no one thought could be opened. Life is behind it.” ~Kelly Ann Rothaus

I believe in you.

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Joan Jakel

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