This weekend I was looking back at my journal entries from the beginning of the year.  On January 8, 2023 I had written:

“How I see myself will determine how high I can go.  I can limit myself by what I see around me OR I can choose unlimited possibilities and live into them. I can choose to see myself as a masterpiece – a one of a kind brilliant soul who has the answers I seek. I can stand in my greatness as I navigate what’s in front of me and create the future of my dreams.

Fast forward, (through many more journal entries), in less than 6 months I moved to Asheville, fully transitioned from law to coaching and LOVE my new environment.

This journal entry was as powerful a reminder for me then as it is now.

When we go through tough times, we are tempted to associate our identity with our circumstances and let them define us.


Especially if we’ve been navigating challenges for a long time – a challenging ongoing health situation, tough break at work or in your business, unraveling relationships, life showing us its less savory side…

No matter what is happening around you, it’s imperative that you remind yourself, and truly believe, that:

  • you are NOT your circumstances,
  • you are not limited by your circumstances, and
  • you are not defined by your circumstances.

We are defined by how we choose to live our lives as we navigate our circumstance.


Interestingly, I also stumbled upon this quote this weekend and it caused me to further pause and reflect.

quote card with background image of gratitude journal, cut of tea and peonie flowers

Each of us is on such a unique journey. Yet we have similarities in that we’ve all had parts of our past we’d love to rewrite, perhaps run from or still feel suffering over.

I believe our lives are not lived by accident.

The circumstances we’ve navigated on the pages of our stories have always been there to serve us.

It’s up to us to read them through a lens of curiosity, not judgment, to learn from the wisdom inherent on the page as we reach for our innate greatness.

It’s a powerful choice to accept all the pages and honor them as part of our journey of learning, adventuring and growing.

Ultimately, through the process of acceptance and honoring, we can find peace with what was and what is so we can create from our power today.

Perhaps it’s time to examine some old pages with fresh intent to transform an old story and create a new ending.

What new chapter will you create?

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Joan Jakel

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