There have been a lot of exciting things happening in my corner of the world. I wanted to share a few updates and offer an additional way to stay connected.

A photo of Joan Jakel in front of the Budget Truck she drove from AZ to NapaOn April 1st, I celebrate my 5th anniversary of moving to Napa. As I look back over the last 5 years, I hardly recognize my life before the move. One thing has not changed: I am blessed with extraordinary people in my life and that tribe continues to grow. Thank you for being a member!

Two significant things have changed in my life. One is the addition of “Artist” to my growing list of titles. I’ve been immersed in art for the last 5 years, which I have incorporated both into my lifestyle and professional life. I use art and creativity on a daily basis to guide people to more powerfully step into their lives. Which leads to the second big change – expanding my reach to individuals who have a dream they want to put into action or create a more purposeful life and need some help to do it. As a lawyer, I help entrepreneurs turn their business dreams into reality. Now, I’m helping people who don’t need legal services, but need expert guidance to powerfully step into a purposeful life, which is something I know a thing or two about as I constantly and intentionally evolve my own life. This is my life’s work and I am overjoyed to fully step into it.a natural photo shot with autumn colors and a mountain back drop

One of my most popular offerings is my VIP Retreat Day, which is an entire day, one-on-one, with me in the majestic Napa Valley as we explore, design and create an action plan around stepping into a more fulfilling life. Click HERE to get more info about this special day.

For the next four days, I am making a first-of-its-kind offer. I am cutting the fee for the VIP Retreat Day in half. Why am I doing this? On a daily basis, I am having conversations with people who are craving a more purposeful life; they feel trapped where they are and can’t figure out how to get where they have a calling to go. Many are between jobs struggling to find that next opportunity. Finances are tight in every direction. This offer directly resulted from those conversations. They also encouraged me to design a more affordable program to have a broader reach. So…..

an image of a portion of my collage that says "Take a journey find yourself"

I am also putting the finishing touches on a 21 Day Design The Life of Your Dreams Program, which will be offered electronically so attendees can take it at their convenience from anywhere in the world. This program was created from the feedback and authentic, vulnerable conversations I’ve had with all the individuals I’ve been fortunate to assist. It is also created from my own personal experience of how I powerfully created my life after the low point of my divorce to a thriving, fulfilling creative force that culminated in my move to Napa, which I executed within 30 days of making the decision. For those people who sign up for the VIP Retreat Day by February 29th, I’m including the 21 Day Program, which will be released for purchase to the public later in March, 2016. The pricing for the VIP Retreat Day and the 21 Day Program will return to normal price on March 1, 2016.

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I will close with a question for you: What is your single biggest challenge that’s keeping you from living a fully engaged, purposeful life? Your answer may spark the next program I create and will certainly help me better assist you and my community. Share your answer below in the comment section.

Thanks for joining the journey and sharing in the conversation.

Carpe Diem!


this is an 8x8 collage that says "Create your Destiny - Be Unstoppable - Imagine - To the dreamer everything is possible" in eath tones, with green, cream browns, tans, violet and a hanging ornate metal decoration"