Artist’s Statement

I am a passionate mixed medium artist.

I am most happy when my hands are messy with paint or pastels or charcoals, or glue or….

an image of a woma, hair blowing in the wind with multiple colors with a heart below her throat topped by flames and an eye in the heart with a wing on the left of the heart with a hand holding a basket with one scroll

I LOVE creating with many different mediums and combine them into a new life force of something more unique, beautiful and personal than the individual components. Each piece shares a part of my life.

I write messages on the canvases before I paint them. I may choose a word for the piece and paint over it, or perhaps around it while focusing on it. I may use an object that has sentimental value to me, like a bus ticket from a trip to Bali or a bag I saved from Florence, Italy. There’s a piece of me in each artwork and I share the energy with you. When a piece of my art inspires you, there’s probably more to the artwork than what you can see – it’s something you feel from what I imbued in the art when I created it. And I treasure that connection.

a collage of the colors of the spectrum with the word "Dream" in the center, and the statements "the best" and "enjoy the journey" below it.  There is a butterfly on the top and musical notes in the top half
I believe we each have something great within us.

It’s already within you, waiting to be discovered and shared with the world if you aren’t sharing it already. My art takes a close look at the journey of self-discovery and shares what I’ve learned. Every piece of art is a glimpse through a window into my soul. I provide you with colorful, artistic lessons that have shown up in my life, through my own experiences or through the interaction with the people in my life. My canvases may reveal an ideal I’m striving for or a mountain I’ve climbed or a question to which I’m seeking an answer or a celebration of life.

My divine goddess paintings are created through an Intentional Creativity process, a process which connects us to our sacred nature.  Intentional Creativity is based on inquiry, intention, imagination and creativity that, when combined, provide a soulful framework for accessing life.  The heart guides the process and connects our right and left brain, integrating our whole self.  Once integrated, we have access to our inner wisdom and higher consciousness which is called into form on the canvas and in our lives.  Each divine goddess was created from a very sacred place using this very sacred process.  When she calls to you, I believe we are connected by an invisible red thread that travels the cosmos destined to intertwine souls seeking to be on this journey together.

a large image of a goddess face with an ornate headpeice, a blue feather earring in her left ear, a dog in the left lower corner, & a heart at her throat
My greatest source of inspiration is to create something that will empower you to fully live into your life. That’s where it’s at! I invite you to join the journey and play full on!

Carpe Diem!


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