Well gang, it’s been quite the summer.

I took the last couple of months off of social media as I’ve been focusing on LIFE. It’s been a sacred journey that was meant to be spent in introspection and discovery before sharing and engaging. There was a lot of clarity in the soul searching process as I connected to what really matters in my life and the ultimate reason I’m here on this planet.

a collage in shades of pink background with a set of eyes in the top right corner, the word "courage" and in the center of the collage, it says "Trust your Journey"Everything I’ve ever done in my life, from being an attorney to creating art and everything in between, has always stemmed from my desire to help people turn their dreams into reality. However, I wanted to go deeper and touch the essence in its purest form. My shero’s journey was a pilgrimage, a quest for answers and I had to slay a few dragons in the process.

At the end of my odyssey, clarity rang true.  The distillation of purpose flowed into a concise mission statement: I guide people to discover and create purposeful, authentic, fully self-expressed lives. A colorful collage in pinks, burgundy, yellow, orange, blue and yellow with a green eye on the lower right with a gold jeweled band around it. Below the eye, it states' Make your life a Miracle"Prior to this summer’s journey, I found myself keeping my skills, gifts and talents in a box segregated by roles: attorney and business advisor in one corner, artist in another corner, personal development coach in yet another corner and workshop teacher/facilitator in yet another corner. 

Now, I’ve transformed my square into a circle.  I am at the center of the circle serving as an Empowerment Instigator and catalyzing individuals to authentically ignite their lives by guiding them while unabashedly utilizing all of my skills and talents to light the way.  With this clarity, I’ve experienced a renewed, robust passion to reach more people in more creative, innovative and impactful ways. 

A colorful collage in pinks, burgundy, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple and yellow. A round pearlescent pendant hangs in the center from brown cords.As a result, I created some new programs to test out my vision.  The kick off was a mastermind program for which I have had the distinct pleasure of creating the curriculum, fostering an experience, and facilitating a dynamic, diverse group of women as they discovered their purpose and launched their dreams and goals. 

5 hands each holding a black rock on which a word is written. The 5 words are value, fun, easy, believe and happiness

We traversed the road less traveled and started with intentions and goals, developed a supportive mindset, removed obstacles, ushered in what we desired, defined our values to guide our mission, became aware of our words and the impact they have on our lives, eliminating our  negative vocabulary and ingraining a much more conscious choice in word usage, created the best version of ourselves and our ideal days, painted, journalled, creatively wrote adventures and engaged in deep, honest, vulnerable, authentic conversations in an incredibly safe, nourishing and supportive environment.

This is a canvas board in shades of pink and there is a heart in the lower right and in the center it states "She released teh stories and created a life."There were struggles, tears, breakthroughs, epiphanies followed by jubilation, possibilities, celebrations, new milestones and achieved dreams. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  The ladies in the group decided we needed to change the name to the “Soul Sisters Master Mind.”

Similarly, I created Coaching Programs.  Suffice it to say, I’m having the same experience coaching as I had with my master mind group.  The feedback has been mirroring my master mind experience and lives are changing.

this is an 8x10 collage in shades of pinks, browns and cream. There is a half face on the right side of the canvas and to the left of it, it states "Change your story, change your life"I have some new workshops on tap that will include creativity and guide people to discover and experience their lives at new levels.  Painting is definitely part of the process and an important part.  There are ways that creativity can allow you to access, understand and heal parts of you that need attention so you can fully step into your life.

For people who want to accelerate the results in their lives, I now have VIP Retreat Day which is a full day of working with me one-on-one to explore, uncover, create, nourish and expand.

an 8x8 collage in bold primary colors. On the bottom of the collage, it states "ready, set, go" and a silver bracelet hangs to the left of the collageWhile all of this is truly fulfilling, the best part is I feel whole. For the first time in a long time.  Maybe for the first time ever.  I know what I’m here to cause and create.  I know how to do it.  And I’m so ridiculously excited to make an impact.  Perhaps that’s why this year I chose “Impact” as my word of the year.  I didn’t know how powerful that word was going to be when I chose it, but now, I fully grasp its importance.

I’m back with a renewed zeal.  I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you. I want to hear about your lives and what matters to you. Let’s continue the conversation and see where it takes us.

a colorful collage with the mandate to "Live Boldly" in the lower left cornerThanks for your love, support and patience as I was off exploring.  It fills my heart that you are still out here, waiting for me to return to engage. I don’t take that lightly and I don’t take it for granted.

With a very full and grateful heart,


Joan Jakel

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