While it seems totally crazy to be here already, we’re in the homestretch of the year!

How are you doing with the goals you set for yourself this year?

Are you geared up to celebrate knocking them out of the park? Or are you frustrated by working your tail off, grinding away at your to do list and action plan and you still haven’t been able to reach your coveted goals?

I will let you in on a secret – there’s one key success factor that makes the difference between achieving and celebrating versus failing and sulking.


Most people come to me for empowerment coaching because they want an outcome or desire a goal that they haven’t been able to achieve. They’ve tried different strategies, worked on habits, spent a lot of time focusing on doing things differently, yet they can’t achieve the desired results. They can’t figure out why their efforts are not working, so they turn to me for guidance.

They often show up and expect I’ll tell them what they “should do” and give them the external solutions to help them succeed.

But I take them down a different path.

The reality is you can hustle, you can grind, you can surrender to the universe, you can take on the newest productivity gadget, learn from the gurus to create a coveted strategy and action plan and still fall short of your desired outcome and goals.


Because success is an inside job.

If your goal or desired change is not in alignment with your existing belief system, then your habitual mindset will never support obtaining it and your external efforts will be unsuccessful.

Until you change the thoughts you tell yourself and build beliefs that align with accomplishing the desired goal, you will not change your reality or achieve different outcomes no matter how hard you try.

You will remain in the place that your beliefs tell you that you belong. Period.

The key to achieving dreams, goals and desires starts with believing you can achieve them followed by eliminating any negative belief that tells you otherwise and rounding it out with creating a mindset filled with thoughts that fully support every inspired action you take towards fulfilling them.


The following 4 steps will help you transform your disempowering thoughts into powerhouse, supportive thoughts. When you habitually repeat these new empowering thoughts, you create better beliefs to support your goals, dreams and desired reality which lead to aligned actions to accomplish them.

Ready to try it on? Of course you are!

A woman with coffee taking handwritten notes while sitting in front of her computer

1. Become aware of your thoughts.

Begin to notice the thoughts that run on auto pilot in your mind. Pay close attention to what your mind is telling you. Sometimes this is tricky because our thoughts have been with us for so long, we don’t even notice they are running in the background. Be vigilant and honest with yourself.

• Do you have an inner critic tearing you down or an inner cheerleader building you up?
• Do you berate yourself for missing the mark or do you encourage yourself that you’ll do better next time?
• Do you expect the worst case scenario or a highly successful outcome?
• Do you believe failure is an educational process or a doomed outcome?
• Do you have the unbridled conviction that you are a beautiful worthy human being who was born with dreams, gifts and talents that you get the privilege to bring into this world or do you have to take action to measure up and hope it’s good enough?

Imagine the outcomes from these 2 different mindsets. Which would you rather have?

2. Record the thoughts that are coming up.

Throughout your day, document the predominant thoughts that show up in your mind throughout the day so you can get a clear picture of your internal conversation.

3. As you start to think a thought, ask yourself: Is this thought moving me closer to or further away from my goals?

If it’s moving you closer, keep thinking it! If it’s moving you further away, continue to Step 4.

4. Build better beliefs.

If your thought is moving you further away from your goals and desired reality, immediately and intentionally stop thinking it. Replace it with a new empowering thought to bring you in alignment with your goals. If it is too much of a leap to fully change your thought from disempowering to empowering, you can build a bridge to a better belief system.

Here are some examples:

“In the past, I used to believe __________. Now, I’m currently learning how to ___________.”

“I’m now open to the idea that ___________ is possible.”

“I am masterful at having authentic, empowering conversations with my team and clients.”

“I am confident and committed to excellence in providing my services.”

“I am a creative problem solver and I know how to handle any situation that arises.”

“Failure is only information – I will continue to learn and grow.”

“I was born with gifts and talents and all the wisdom I need to share them.”

This is a POWERFUL practice to shift your inner dialogue to start creating more supportive thoughts to build better beliefs to not only accomplish your goals – to design a more fulfilling life.

Try it on for yourself and see what results you can create. If this is an eye opener for you and you are ready for deeper support, guidance and accountability to reach your dreams and goals or design a more meaningful life, let’s discuss how we can work together. I’d LOVE to be your guide!  Here’s a link to my contact form to start the conversation: click here to contact Joan

Joan Jakel

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