This is a photo of the thank  you gift I created and my cat Claire is sitting next to the giftRecently, I was on a trip that was unexpectedly extended. I am very blessed to live in an amazing community where all the neighbors look out for each other. We regularly help out by taking care of each other’s pets.  I have two cats and one of my neighbors was taking care of them for me during my holiday vacation.  Given my extended stay, I asked another neighbor to help out so I wouldn’t unduly burden the neighbor who was generously helping me.  Not only was I very grateful for the assistance they were providing, they gave me the gift of a peace of mind knowing my furry kids were well-loved while having their needs met.

When I returned home, I wanted to create a meaningful thank you gift for each of them.  When I’m giving gifts, I like to find something unique, special and something that I think the recipient will enjoy.  I also like to shop in my local community and support entrepreneurs and artisans.  Both my neighbors are creative in their own right and have a fabulous sense of style and individuality. As I thought about what a delightful treat would look like for them, I instantly thought of the Artists of the Valley, which is a gallery made up of local artists from the Napa Valley Art Association.  The gallery is filled with wonder and delight – a perfect place to find that one-of-a-kind gift. I perused all the offerings and enjoyed the talents of the diverse artists on display.  I looked at prints, mixed medium creations, water color works of art, acrylics, glass, jewelry and finally settled upon a delicate hand-crafted paper heart affixed to beautiful metal birds in branches:

Photo of a handcrafted piece of art consisting of a fine paper heart and ornate metal birds

A photo of a handmade heart consisting of delicate paper and topped by ornate metal birds

Before bringing my treasures home for wrapping, I picked up a huge bouquet of flowers to create a couple of arrangements.  I had a couple of vases at home.  I added some decorative rocks to line the bottom of the vase, added the flowers and, for an added personal touch, added some cut flowers from my backyard.  I wrapped the delicate art hearts in a bold colored tissue paper and rounded it out with a thank you card from a set I received as a Christmas gift.

This is a photo of Flowers, gift and thank you card that I created for my neighbors

It was kitten approved and both neighbors loved the gifts – one even asked me if the flowers were from my yard!  Take some time and think about how you can add a special element to your gifts. It really doesn’t take a lot to make a huge difference in someone’s day.

A photo of my cat Claire with the flowers, art gift and thank you card

Kitten Approved Thank You Gifts