Welcome to the New Year!!!

We made it!  While the journey was not for the faint of heart, here we are – back at the starting gate of a brand new year.

I admit, I love crossing a finish line.  I love it for the accomplishment of successfully completing something – a project, a race, a goal, a year. 

I also love it because it gives me an opportunity to learn from the experiences that brought me to completion:

  • what worked,
  • what didn’t work,
  • where did I fail and what did I learn from it,
  • how can I do it better, more efficiently, more productively,
  • how can I add more joy or satisfaction to the process? 

I look at what guided me to reach the finish line to determine if it was a good compass and if I followed it faithfully.

Which brings me to my annual New Year Ritual: 

pick a word or a theme to guide me throughout the year.

It’s a word that reflects how I want to show up over the course of the year.  It guides my actions and helps me make decisions.  It keeps me focused and inspired.  It helps me push my boundaries, keeps me on track and aligns with my values.  It’s a word I want to embody over the course of the year.

Last year, my word was “Impact.” 

Once I decide on a word, I want to keep it around me to remind me of my commitment to it.  I created a collage on a canvas board to colorfully and visually remind me.  I also  created a bracelet with the word imprinted on it which I wore most days to see and feel the reminder,

Sometimes a word or theme may be totally obvious and you immediately know it with certainty.

Other times, it needs to be coaxed into revealing itself. 

There is no right or wrong approach in deciding on your word. 

The only requirement is your thoughtfulness as you connect to yourself to check in to see what resonates in a meaningful way. 

This is your opportunity to set your compass for the year in a way that excites, inspires, empowers, provides peace or any other experience you want to call into your life and put out into the world.

Here are some questions and prompts to guide your consideration.  

Start by being present, open and accepting – NO judgment allowed.

Then, connect with your heart as you reflect on the following:

I encourage you to spend some time contemplating these questions and any others that come up for you.  Where do they lead? To a word? A theme? An intentionally designed life?

My word for this year is (drum roll please!)…


Freedom to unabashedly follow my path and be myself, to live my life by my values, to feel safe and secure, to be free from outdated and stuck in the box thinking, to know I have no constraints and I’m not bound by anyone else’s rules or expectations, to be free from fear and lack.

What will be your Word of the Year? 

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Carpe Diem!

Joan Jakel

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