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Empowerment Coach Joan Jakel

Hi, I’m Joan…

I’m an Empowerment Instigator – equal parts personal development, mindset & empowerment coach, entrepreneur, (retired) attorney and creative maverick.

I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs upgrade their mindset, eliminate limiting beliefs and reprogram critical, negative self-talk so they can reclaim their power and ignite their confidence.

Entrepreneurial minded individuals who are craving to courageously and authentically use their voice, gifts and talents to make a bigger impact.

They just need a little help to find their way. 

I’m their guide.

If you are ready to thrive and develop an unshakeable belief in who you are and what you can achieve, I’ve packaged a lifetime of lessons, wisdom and business savvy into coaching programs that catalyze action and instigate results.

🎁 But first – let’s start with a gift to kick off our relationship and get a flavor of what it’s like to work with me!

Empowerment Coach Joan Jakel's new workbook teaching Empowerment Through saying "NO"

Empower yourself by mastering the art of saying “No!


The Empowerment Through “NO” Workbook will guide you to:

🌟 Say “Yes” to reclaiming your time and pursuing what matters most in your life by discovering your priorities.

✨ Liberate yourself from the pressure of people pleasing and instead choose actions aligned with your values and priorities.

🎯 Discover what stops you from saying “No”, then build new beliefs, learn techniques and create a plan to confidently say “No!”

🌻Cultivate an authentic life filled with purpose and fulfillment by setting boundaries from knowing exactly how and why to say “No”.


👇 Click below to access and download the FREE Workbook.  As an added bonus, you’ll receive a weekly dose of personal empowerment, resources and coaching tips to keep your vision on track.

Now, Let’s Find the Perfect Empowerment Coaching Program for YOU


My coaching programs teach you how to confidently use your authentic voice, unlock your potential, tap into your Superpowers and courageously create a life that lights you up!

Each program is powerful, results-driven and designed to fit your needs, desires and lifestyle.

If you’re ready to take center stage in your life and start living the life you’ve imagined but haven’t yet created, check out my programs and find one that resonates with you.

❤️ Serendipity may have brought us together – you get to choose the path forward to create a life you love.

There’s much more information on each of my programs, so scroll 👇👇👇 to find the perfect fit for you!

Empowerment coach Joan Jakel on a stool leaning forward ready for converation

Joan’s Empowerment Coaching Programs

The Life Direction Assessment is a highly effective process that leads you to discover and define what you ultimately desire in your life.  You will:

  • Gain clarity around your life direction
  • Begin the vision of what’s possible in your life
  • Identify the gaps that have kept you from achieving it
  • Discover 3 habits you need to develop to bring your vision to life
  • Identify the habits you need to eliminate to align with your vision
  • Define what success looks like to you
  • Pinpoint 3 changes to usher in your vision
  • Receive resources and recommendations based on your goals
  • Release your limitations
  • Experience a taste of freedom
  • Click on the “Find out More!” button to get all the details!

The Jump Start Coaching Program is an entry level empowerment coaching program designed to help you laser focus on your life and drive immediate action aligned with your goals.  You will start with a comprehensive Life Direction Assessment to assess your life and clarify your goals and vision.

Once you complete the assessment, you will enjoy an in-depth consultation to review it and engage in a visioning process to gain clarity around your desired life direction and chart your course on a more meaningful path.

Immediately following the visioning process, you will receive guidance and coaching to ignite action and keep you on course.   The program includes:

  • A comprehensive life direction assessment
  • A 90 minute visioning call to explore your life, vision and goals
  • 2 coaching calls – each call 60 minutes
  • Click on the “Find out More!” button to get all the details!


The Emerge Coaching Program is a 3-month foundational program. You will assess your life, get crystal clear on a vision that lights you up, develop an unshakeable belief in your ability to achieve it and create a roadmap bring it to life.  The program includes:

  • A comprehensive life assessment and 2-hour visioning call to explore your life, vision and goals
  • 3 months of one-on-one, personally tailored coaching
  • 2 calls per month – each call 90 minutes
  • 1 Sacred Empowerment Box specially curated for your journey
  • A personalized coaching plan based on the assessment review
  • Resources, tools, worksheets, exercises and coaching activities
  • Click on the “Find out More!” button to get all the details!


The Expand Coaching Program is a 6-month program of massive expansion. You learn how to overhaul your mindset with a paradigm shift to manifest your desires with an empowered belief system. You will put an end, once and for all, to the nagging, critical, disempowering inner dialogue.  Inspired action replaces the grind while worthiness and confidence rule the day. The Program includes:

  • 1 Half Day VIP Retreat Session – 4 hours of one-on-one time to deep-dive into your desired life.
  • 6 months of one-on-one, personally tailored empowerment coaching
  • 2 calls/Zoom sessions per month – each call 90 minutes
  • 1 bonus coaching session each month when needed
  • Emergency spot coaching between sessions
  • 1 Sacred Empowerment Box which are specially curated for your journey
  • Priority access to Joan & Discounts on new programs and workshops
  • Cutting edge resources, tools, worksheets, exercises & coaching activities
  • Click on the “Find out More!” button to get all the details!


What my mascot and clients say…

Here’s a taste of the experiences people have had. See Client Stories for more details about the process and Raving Fans for more personal testimonials.

Sandy Catour

Sandy Catour


Because she was so open through a pivotal time in her life, I’ve learned to trust her counsel and sage advice since she’s ”Been there, done that.” Her capacity for listening, understanding and support is immeasurable.  I always feel empowered and energized after spending time with Joan.



Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Can you not see the enthusiasm and deep satisfaction on my face from all the amazing coaching my mom does? She helped me create my ideal vision of life!  She can help you, too! Woof!

Jack Smith

Jack Smith

Founder ~ Just Won Thing

There are very few people in this world that understand the professional, personal and spiritual implications of walking through life as an entrepreneur – Joan understands, listens and speaks to all of them. It’s a rare and amazing gift that makes an exponential difference in personal results and ROI.

Lynn McNally

Lynn McNally


Through my work with Joan, I was able to completely transform some realms of my life that were bringing me down and preventing me from being the person I wanted to be. Now, I have a clear vision of the path to take to be in the place in life that I have always dreamed of being.

Nic McMurry

Nic McMurry

Serial Entrepreneur

I was in a funk with a few key relationships in my life & felt adrift at work.  We worked on a nagging negative inner dialogue that held me back, drilled down on my core values & mission & created a “tool belt” of resources to navigate challenges. This clarity catapulted my life into action! 

Tammy Sorensen

Tammy Sorensen


I contacted Joan to kick some generational bad habits while preserving tradition to become a leader for my family. I found that changing my thinking empowered me, personally & professionally, to discover my best self. I will be forever grateful that her program helped me learn the tools to become a better leader.

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Ready to create a wildly fulfilling life?!

The Joan Jakel Experience…

Private Coaching

One-on-One, personally tailored coaching programs designed to help you create a life you LOVE.

Life Assessment

A combination of a comprehensive life assessment tool followed up with a 90-minute consultation with Joan.


Referred to as “Subliminal Coaching” my journals are works of art designed to inspire, empower & encourage reflection.

Goal Setting Workbook

The Workbook contains 19 comprehensive worksheets and exercises designed to explore, define and implement your goals while providing a roadmap to personal and professional fulfillment in achieving them.



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