I’m Joan. An entrepreneur, coach, attorney & creative maverick.

I'm here to help you create a purpose-fueled life you love!
Life Coach Joan Jakel

Hi, I’m Joan…

I’m an Empowerment Instigatorequal parts coach, attorney, entrepreneur, creative maverick, ass kicker and cheerleader.

For 25 years, I’ve coached entrepreneurs to develop the mindset, create the structures, learn the skills and up-level their tools to design a life and business that exceeds their expectations.

Now, my focus is on helping women who feel stuck, afraid or frozen in place because they are stressed out, burned out, exhausted and overwhelmed.

Women who want more from life.

Women who want to confidently use their voice and unlock their potential, but don’t know how to achieve it.

I’m here to show you the way.

My programs teach you how to:

    • tame your fears,
    • turn obstacles into opportunities, &
    • strategically take on change to build a life aligned with your values and purpose.

I’ve created multiple program options to fit your needs and lifestyle…


If you want to start small with a burst of impact, check out my Life Assessment:

  • a comprehensive assessment tool,
  • combined with a 90 minute consultation with me, &
  • concluding with impactful resources and recommendations.

If you’re tired of feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, anxious and stuck, join me in in one of my 3 Coaching Programs to hit the reset button to create a life you LOVE

If you want exclusive all-day access to me with laser focus on YOU, achieve lightning-fast results in a nourishing setting, then the VIP Intensive is for you!

There’s much more information on each of the programs, so explore to find the perfect fit for you and then schedule a chat with me (links to my calendar are on the program pages).

You deserve it!

I cannot wait to hear from you!

Carpe Diem!


p.s.  My first gift to you is my Daily Journal.

The Daily Journal helps you begin a journey of self-exploration as you:

  • delight in self care,
  • focus on gratitude,
  • find your truth,
  • boost your confidence,
  • eliminate distractions, &
  • reflect on what matters.

The Daily Journal is filled with tools, support & worksheets to help you intentionally design a life you love.

Sign up below and you can immediately download it! Enjoy!!!

Four Ways to Work with Me…

Are you ready, really ready, like ~ “Hell Yes I’m Ready!!!” ~ to launch into your life, make lasting, impactful changes and confidently own your voice to create a life you love?

I’ve got exactly what you need to achieve these results.

I’ve created powerful, results-driven coaching options to fit your lifestyle, goals and needs

Let’s dive into each – scroll over each number below for more information:

One-on-One Coaching

Private Coaching

One-on-One, personally tailored coaching programs designed to help you create an empowered vision of your life. You will develop the mindset, skills, tools, and confidence to bring it to life.

Assessment & Consultation

Life Direction Assessment

A combination of a comprehensive life assessment questionnaire and a 90 minute consultation with Joan designed to help you gain clarity, create priorities and receive immediate support to implement.

VIP Intensive

VIP Intensive

A powerful & nourishing 6-hour intensive day devoted to YOU, your needs and goals. This immersive experience nourishes the body, mind and spirit while creating a compass to guide your journey and drive immediate results.

Journals & Art

Journals & Art

My art has been referred to as “Subliminal Coaching” given all the layers of messages, images, words, paint, paper and objects, all  designed to inspire, empower, encourage reflection and provide a space to voice it. Now, imagine all of this goodness on the cover of a journal!

Ready to create a wildly fulfilling life?!

Awesome, let's do this!


Minime vero inquit ille consentit haec dicuntur inconstantissime. Quid me istud rogas.

Articles to fuel your confidence!

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How to Move from Stuck to Thriving with One Exercise

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What my mascot and clients say…

Sandy Catour

Sandy Catour


Because she was so open through a pivotal time in her life, I’ve learned to trust her counsel and sage advice since she’s ”Been there, done that.” Her capacity for listening, understanding and support is immeasurable.  I always feel empowered and energized after spending time with Joan.



Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Can you not see the enthusiasm and deep satisfaction on my face from all the amazing coaching my mom does? She helped me create my ideal vision of life!  She can help you, too! Woof!

Jack Smith

Jack Smith

Founder ~ Just Won Thing

There are very few people in this world that understand the professional, personal and spiritual implications of walking through life as an entrepreneur – Joan understands, listens and speaks to all of them. It’s a rare and amazing gift that makes an exponential difference in personal results and ROI.



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